Saturday, March 25, 2006

The assholitude of Ben Domenech.

While history has shown that the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky shitstorm was little more than a carefully-choreographed, right-wing smear campaign, there is one thing that Bill Clinton does have to answer for, and always will.

When he initially denied "sexual relations" with that woman, his closest friends took him at his word and publicly defended him, only to learn later they'd been hung out to dry because Clinton had lied to them and left them looking infinitely foolish and betrayed.

Sound familiar?

The fact is that Ben Domenech is second-rate. He used other people's words to make himself look good. He is a coward who let his friends at redstate defend him all this week when he knew he was guilty. Mike Krempasky and Josh Trevino made complete and utter fools of themselves all week long defending their buddy who lacked the balls to call them off.

Who knew Ben Domenech aspired to be Bill Clinton?

GLENN GREENWALD WEIGHS IN: This is a pretty good read demonstrating how, with a few exceptions, the lifespan of a conservative principle is about as long as it takes to start dreaming up the next excuse for unethical behaviour.

SNARK AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: Shorter Jeff Goldstein: "Ben always had the honour and integrity to sign his name to whatever he wrote. Except when he didn't, but that's OK because that's different."

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the rev. said...

Anyone who ever read anything Domenech ever wrote at Redstate should have known he was a crapulous fool and a hack. He didn't get the job on the basis of talent he got it on the basis of nepotism and cronyism - his father is a state chair for the Rethuglicans, among other connections. Looking at his record, its clear he has always been a party activist first and a "writer" - sorry "copyist" - second. How the WP ever thought this was going to fly is beyond me.