Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Looking for that trifecta again?

Remember that alleged joke of Commander Chimpy's about how he hit the "trifecta" in terms of pure, unadulterated bad luck? Well, give him another couple of top-notch hurricanes or perhaps a terrorist attack and who's to say it won't happen all over again?

Not to sound cynical or anything (who? me?), but does anyone else get the impression that Chimpy's administration is actually enjoying the impending Cat 4-5 Hurricane Rita as the chance to redeem themselves?

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Anonymous said...

They're falling all over themselves trying to show how on top of things they are, but they have a problem. If with all this warning they screw it up yet again then that screw up will be the best they can do and if that's pitiful, then they are in deeper trouble yet.