Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

From this article at ThinkProgress, we learn that Sen. Bill "Cat Killer" Frist is already planning to renege on the recent filibuster compromise before the ink is even dry.

Please tell me you're not at all surprised.


jedwards said...

no surprise, this is a remake of “12 angry men” except that in this version the innocent man is found guilty, and at a price that only time will tell.
Jim Lehrer NewsHour:Ben Nelson (D. Neb),Charles Schumer (D.NY),Lincoln Chafee (R.Rhode Is) and Jeff Sessions (Asshole, Alabama)

SEN. JEFF SESSIONS: I think it was a deal that stuck, that made some progress for confirmation of judges in a rather significant way. The seven Democrats basically broke ranks with the systematic filibusters, said they would not filibuster except under extraordinary circumstances, and then agreed to support cloture for three really fine nominees that were really unfairly attacked, I felt, and should have gotten an up or down vote. So it was from that point of view good. I think the Republicans should be proud of Bill Frist who really moved the ball and had the 51 votes necessary to change the rule. And it was at that point that the Democrats agreed to enter into negotiations, so I think he really moved the ball forward in that way.

We are so fucked. well, the poor are, actually…

Ahistoricality said...

Suprised? Not even disappointed: Democrats stood on principle, compromised on tactics, and still got their heads handed to them procedurally, which makes the Republicans look like total shits. If moderates matter at all in the next election cycle, Democrats are winning.

The only thing that would surprise me at this point was if the moderate Republicans who forged the deal publicly slapped Frist, et al. around for their hard line. That would surprise me.

CC said...

I recommend reading the comments section after the linked-to article. Some interesting perspectives on whether Frist has a hope of reneging on anything at this point.