Friday, May 20, 2005

Canadian political bloopers: The Stephen Harper edition.

May 18, 2005:

The end began with a shouting match in Conservative Leader Stephen Harper's oak-panelled Parliament Hill office.

Harper hauled in Newmarket-Aurora MP Belinda Stronach to his inner sanctum last Thursday to, sources say, "read her the riot act."

"You'll never have a future in this party — you're too ambitious," he told her.

May 19, 2005:

On Monday night, Belinda Stronach ate dinner with her boyfriend Peter MacKay. Then, without saying where she was going, she popped over to 24 Sussex Dr. to talk with Prime Minister Paul Martin over another lavish, late meal.

May 20, 2005:

The Liberal government survived a crucial budget vote Thursday night by a sliver ... The final result was 152 to 152, with the Speaker breaking the tie to make it 153 for the government.



salvage said...

huh, Harper was right about something.

Mark Francis said...

Harper: master strategist.