Thursday, March 09, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Two days and counting ...

Not sure if weekends count towards the 10-day deadline but, technically, undischarged bankrupt Patrick Ross has two more days to complete and return the mandatory financial questionnaire served on him by the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, although no one expects him to do that; rather, one expects him to ignore the e-mail and registered mail, then exclaim, "What? You sent a questionnaire? I didn't see it, if only someone had told me!"

In any event, assuming Patrick will be as evasive as history suggests, come early next week, we move on to the increasingly (for Patrick) unpleasant stages of enforcement, quite possibly culminating in the SK sheriffs showing up at Patrick's alleged residence in Lloydminster with a warrant entitling them to seize anything and everything of Patrick's relevant to this enforcement procedure.

Note that all of the above is independent of the garnishment order I intend to file in Alberta to start taking most of Patrick's paycheque from who seems to be his employer, Avenge Energy. In other words, it is entirely possible that, even as I take the lion's share of Patrick's salary in Alberta, the Saskatchewan sheriffs will be seizing his material possessions back in Saskatchewan.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

P.S. Not that long ago, Patrick posted regularly on Twitter about me, with screenshots and everything. Since the official service of the mandatory questionnaire, there has been nary a mention of me, I'm guessing because the instant Patrick took another screenshot of anything of mine on social media, I could use it as evidence that he is fully aware of that service as I have mentioned it on a regular basis.

At this point, it seems highly likely that Patrick really is going for the "Gosh, I had no idea I'd been served" defence. He tried that once before ... it did not end well for him.

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