Thursday, March 23, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Next steps.

Given that Lloydminster's Patrick "Undischarged Bankrupt Garnishment Fugitive Super Nexus Quintuple Threat Street Fighting Man" Ross has failed to complete and return both the voluntary and mandatory financial questionnaires as supplied by the Saskatchewan Sheriffs, I have been advised that the next step is to file an application with the Court to order him to fill out said questionnaire. So what difference does that make? Plenty.

While the questionnaire will be the same, it will now have the weight of the Court behind it, and if Patrick again refuses to co-operate, he will indeed be refusing to obey a direct order of the Court, and that way lies a Contempt of Court charge, for which Patrick will be fined, assessed costs, and potentially be subject to further sanctions by the Court for contemptuously refusing to do what it tells him to. Research tells me that getting such an order should be both simple and inexpensive, since all I will be asking the Court to do is order Patrick to do what the Saskatchewan Sheriffs already told him to do.

In any event, as Patrick continues to refuse to co-operate with either the Sheriffs or the Court, he will find his options getting both fewer and significantly more expensive. But it appears that is the road down which he has chosen to slither.

It ends this year.

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