Friday, December 18, 2020

The continuing saga of Patrick Ross.

As a number of people have asked me privately what is happening with respect to Patrick Ross -- the trustee-less undischarged bankrupt who owes me over $100,000 -- I will be brief and mention only one recent development.

Over the last several months, Patrick lost three different actions against me trying to avoid the enforcement of my judgment from back in 2010 and, as a result of his losses, he was sanctioned with total costs of $2,250, which he was ordered in every case to turn over "forthwith." To no one's surprise, he has refused.

After being more than patient with Patrick, I gave him until December 15, 2020 (three days ago) to notify my lawyer about his plan for payment of those costs (relevant snippet below):

Again, to no one's surprise, Patrick has not responded, whereupon you can read from the above that we will be starting enforcement steps against him, which I understand might very well involve provincial Sheriffs doing the enforcement in person.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but this is the road Patrick has chosen.

CLARIFICATION: I've heard from a couple people, confused as to how I would be allowed to enforce my original judgment against Patrick while he is technically still in bankruptcy, so I will explain.

Normally, someone who has filed for bankruptcy is protected against any debt collection attempts by an associated "stay of proceedings," which prevents creditors from launching any collection actions. Long story short ... Patrick has for so long ignored his basic obligations as a bankrupt (including not making the monthly payments required by his conditional discharge) that I successfully filed to have the stay of proceedings against him lifted.

To put this in simple terms, Patrick is living in the worst of all possible worlds -- he is still bankrupt and subject to all of the restrictions of bankruptcy, but he is no longer protected by bankruptcy, allowing me to begin the enforcement of the full amount of my original 2010 judgment.

I trust that clears things up.
BONUS TRACK: While I'm trying very hard to refrain from any personal references, I am moderately amused that the man who was found to have defamed me so horrifically and maliciously that I was awarded a $75,000 judgment and $10,000 in costs is now, on social media, sanctimoniously berating people for "name-calling."
Savour the irony.


Anonymous said...

Why are you only seeking payment of the $2250 judgment? Shouldn't you go after the full >$100K?

CC said...

That is a separate enforcement, and will also be happening.