Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A modest suggestion to every human being on the planet.

Do not describe anything as "unacceptable" if, in the end, you're prepared to accept it.

Doug Ford will know what I mean:

P.S. Numerous people are demanding that Rod Phillips resign because of his horrifically poor judgment. That is not the right call; he should resign because of the deception involved in his so obviously trying to mislead everyone as to where he was for days on his Twitter stream.

This was not a "mistake"; this was deliberate deception and dishonesty by a Minister of the Government of Ontario. And, as we all know, he will pay absolutely no price for it.

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Ramirezplayer said...

Doug Ford: its time to take Ontario back from the elitists!"

Where is your finance minister?

Doug Ford: "on a 3 week non elitist luxury vacation in St. Barts"