Wednesday, April 04, 2018

That's kind of why you keep reading.

Oh, dear ...

Shorter Faith: "I was really into 'Mein Kampf' until that part about slaughtering the Jews. Other than that ..."


chris said...

Maybe she just liked the picture on the cover? I'm not going near that interview to find out what else she recommended. These really are the fucking mole people

"It seems implausible anyone who looks more than two seconds at the book Goldy is recommending could miss the book’s blatant and explicit anti-Semitism.

The Table of Contents alone includes chapters with titles like “the plans of Judaism against the Romanian nation” and “the attitude of the Jewish press” – the largest section of the book is dedicated to “the Jewish Problem” (also referred to as the “Jewish Question”)."

chris said...

Speaking of books, our old pal Mark Steyn likes one too. More mole people.

Jackie said...

One of Andrew Scheer's Manson girls. If not Squeaky Fromme herself.

I wonder when they've set the date to go "duck hunting"?