Sunday, December 05, 2004

Secretary Donald Rumsfeld -- yes, it really IS all about him.

From a WaPo article, available here at truthout, we learn that politics trumps competence as Donald Rumsfeld appears to be staying on as Secretary of Defense:

"Rumsfeld faced calls for his resignation this summer over the abuses at the Abu Ghraib military prison in Iraq. Republicans close to the White House said the decision to retain him was driven partly by the calculation that replacing him would appear to be a concession that the administration made mistakes in Iraq."

And the money quote, in the very next paragraph:

"Moreover, some Republicans have speculated that Rumsfeld wanted to stay on with the hope that security conditions in Iraq would improve, leaving him with a better legacy."

Yes, apparently, Rumsfeld is nobly and magnanimously sticking it out, not because he gives a crap about the thousands of dead and horribly wounded and maimed soldiers overseas, but because he wants a second (or third, or is it fourth?) chance to look better in the history books.

I believe the phrase we're looking for here is "narcissistic sociopath."

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