Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rumsfeld: All those Mosul deaths not really a "failure"

In flipping through the channels, I came across Secretary of Defense and consummate failure Donald Rumsfeld and, I may have missed the context but I caught him just as he was saying something to the effect that, "Some people may look at this as a failure. But, really, it can also be a learning experience."

So, if someone you cared about was blown to pieces in Mosul, don't take it too hard. It was a learning experience, and those are generally good things. Aren't they?

Addendum: Oh, yes, Kos is all over this as well. And whose fault is this? Apparently, Halliburton is in charge of building the new fortified mess hall. Halliburton ... Halliburton ... gosh, that name sounds familiar.

So, to those knee-jerk, right-wing defenders who think everything's going just swimmingly, a simple question -- at what point should someone's head roll? At what point should someone be held accountable? Or is it still Bill Clinton's fault?

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