Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More Republican family values

Oh, man -- the Bernie Kerik fallout just gets more hilarious every day. Even though he's withdrawn his nomination for Director of Homeland Security, the press has just latched on this story and is beating the crap out of this guy. Here's the latest.

Republican family values at its finest.

Quick update: It's from yesterday, but Josh Marshall has been impressive over at Talking Points Memo. If you have the time, just start at the top and start reading. Oh. My. But one of the funniest bits there is White House spokesreptile Scott McClellan trying desperately to not have to talk about any of this:

"Again, I'm not going to get into specific details of any individual nominee's vetting process. I think that's out of respect for the process. But we were moving forward with the nomination, and this information was brought to our attention and he made a decision to withdraw his name. And that's where it stands. Now we will move forward quickly to name a new nominee."

Shorter Scottie: "Fuck off! Just leave me alone, OK?"

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