Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Oh oh ... right-wing howler monkeys get hoofed in the nads again.

Shortly after Secretary of Defense Donald ("Hey, that whole armor thing is overrated, anyway.") Rumsfeld made a complete ass of himself in handling a critical question about the appalling lack of armor for U.S. troops in Iraq, pretty much all of the right-wing blogosphere tried to dismiss the question because, according to numerous reports, the soldier had been primed with the question by an embedded reporter. Therefore, went the screeching conservative punditry, the question was wholly inappropriate. (Apparently, it's not the lack of armor that's important -- it's just who notices it first.)

But now, it comes out, the soldier is now making it clear that he came up with the question, and even had a few backup questions in reserve. One can only wait for the howler monkeys' next excuse.

Why does that soldier hate America?

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