Thursday, April 26, 2018

How stupid is Steve Paikin?

Pretty much this fucking stupid:

In short, Paikin is utterly clueless about how Andrew Lawton is an ignorant, pathetic piece of crap masquerading as a journalist. You know ... the kind of guy who publishes garbage only to later admit he had no idea if it was true:

So, the next time you run into Steve Paikin, can you politely ask him to grow the fuck up? Thank you kindly.

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Brian Busby said...

Wonder how Andrew Lawson's further research is going? Did Gavin ever respond to his email? If not, maybe he could try Ezra. Then again, the Rebel Commander seems confused:

"There's a popular meme circulating the Internet, quoting Trudeau as saying, 'if you kill your enemies, they win.' There's no proof Trudeau actually said it. But if you took [sic] it out of quotation marks, it's an accurate paraphrase of the man's view when it comes to Islamic terrorism."
- Ezra Levant, Trumping Trudeau, p. 75

"Trudeau has never said the words, 'if you kill your enemies, they win,' but he's said as much on other words.
- Ezra Levant, Trumping Trudeau, p. 77

"There's no proof" to "he never said the words," in two pages. This is not to say that the Rebel has posted a correction or pulled the video in which Gavin makes the claim. Frankly, I'm surprised Ezra didn't use it as a fundraising opportunity.