Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When really stupid conservatives write stupidly.

Over at Hunter's, commenter "Joe" stops munching on the paint chips just long enough to bang out one of the most dumbass screeds ever produced by applying forehead to keyboard:

In all the time I've wandered this earth I have always noticed that the Liberals are the biggest wasters of precious resources. Don't know why but Conservatives tend to Conserve.

Yes, Joe ... whatever you say. You can go back to your paint chips now.


thwap said...

Yes. They conserve their god-given right to consume. While they go to protest those damned liberals who are always protesting all the time.

Joe tried to get into Hunter's pants. That's how he ended up leaving a wad of jism in her hair.

[up is down, down is up, .... never mind]

double nickel said...

You meant her mustache, I'm sure.

sooey said...

I guess he hasn't heard about the government's plans to allow Fish Lake to be turned into a tailings impoundment area to facilitate a mining project that is destined to have a lifespan of 20 years.