Sunday, February 14, 2010

Transparency! Accountability! Batshit crazy, tinfoil hat paranoia!

Yeesh. I imagine Free Dominion get-togethers as a bunch of dingbats dressed in camo, each bragging about how much they have stockpiled for when Obama unleashes the New World Order.


Southern Quebec said...

I imagine them hoisting a Bud, talking about how THEY would win the war in Afghanistan. And then, when that was won, how they would kick Iran's ass. You betcha!!

It's so cute that these macho men want to hide in Panama -- from a Canadian bureaucrat with a pencil. I bet you can say what you want in Panama!

sooey said...

I imagine them sitting in front of their computers posting their opinions, anonymously or under their actual names, just like most any other internutter.

thwap said...

Hey sooey, .... "WHOOOSH!!!"

Bet you hear that a lot and wonder what it is 'eh?