Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take our pavilion. Please.

Captain Photo Op does what he does best -- shows up just long enough to be photogenic:

And here's the best part:

Upon arriving in Port-au-Prince, the prime minister announced the government would provide up to $12 million to build a temporary base for the Haitian government.

Most government buildings, including the iconic presidential palace, were destroyed or damaged in last month’s quake. Since then, Preval and his cabinet have been running the government out of a police station, holding news conferences under a mango tree.

Let me make a suggestion:

Apparently, the above cost $10.4 million, it looks like it's easily disassemblable, we won't be needing it in a couple of weeks, and it's so unspeakably fucking ugly that no one here wants to be seen within 100 kilometers of it. And in the middle of a natural disaster zone and surrounded by devastated and shattered buildings, it wouldn't even stand out.

A win-win all around, I would think. Now, where's a C-17 when you need one?


sooey said...

What's wrong with governing from under a mango tree?

The Seer said...

Sooey, there are two things wrong with governing from under a Mango tree:

1. If you govern from under a mango tree, the multi-national banks are going to figure you're not going to be able to repay their loans.

2. If you govern from under a mango tree, your subjects, who probably live under mango trees, are going to get the notion that you're no better than they are, and you might as well be Stephen Harper.

The Seer said...

Since we're on the subject, I move we move the capital back to York Factory and make Stephen Harper First Director or Governor or something and then we won;t even need that parliament thing and Stephen can run Canada like a private company like they used to run it. There. I said it.

Backseat Blogger said...

actually, that pavillion is going to have no purpose once the olympics are over.

it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the pavillion does, in fact, end up in Haiti?

After all from the looks of the picture, it would fit right in with all the devastation in Port au Prince right about now.

Niles said...

Gutter minds think alike. we were just joking about this yesterday at Montreal Simon's.

But it's all relative, eh? A building like that would likely be appreciated in Haiti right now.

I *still* don't think it's worth 10 million dollars, but talk about what the market will bear...

It's good to see he's making re-announcements of funding aid to Haiti as if it's newnewnew and not years old. Hate to see Haiti being treated any differently from the way he's treating Canadians.

At the same time, I've been asked what's the difference between Harper arriving in Haiti and apparently the German and French leaders who are allegedly coming to visit Haiti? Are they just photo-ops as well? Or, would he have been accused of not caring enough to show up if he dallied until after they drop in? I haven't heard about those visits anywhere yet, so I can't say.

Anyone else?

CK said...

Sarkozy is supposed to be in Haiti tomorrow from what I've read. Don't know about Angela Merkel; she seems to be busy these days plotting to boot the Greeks out of the EU.

For Sarkozy, it would probably be another photo op but he appears to marginally have more compassion than Stevie.

Sending the shed to Haiti is a good idea. I think it's High time Kate MacMillan did her good deed for society and put those less fortunate than herself and donate her garage.

Holly Stick said...

Actually, I think he means to dismantle Parliament stone by stone and send it to Haiti. Then he can rule his kingdom from the beer tent.

The Seer said...

Holly Stick wins the thread.

Holly Stick said...

I own the podium!