Thursday, February 04, 2010


In a weirdly ironic example of timing, I had already planned to introduce the readership to the new resident here at CC HQ:

She's the one at the back -- I've named her "Runty." With my luck, she'll turn out to be a hulking beast.

And here's the tribe in days gone by, trying to figure what's so appealing about being up there:


Lindsay Stewart said...

teh kiitehs are evil on account of being so cute that they convince you to feed them and pick up their poohs n stuff.

KEvron said...

yep. that does it. between this one and ape's post, i'm now compelled to go and waste an hour or so at youtube, watching teh kitteh videos. i do love me some burnsy.


CK said...

They're adorable!

deBeauxOs said...

How were you able to restrain yourself and only keep one?

Is there anything more entertaining than a riot of kittens?