Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helena Guergis: So not ready for prime time.

Stephen Maher sums it up nicely.


Ti-Guy said...

This post inspired me to suggest a new 10 percenter for the Conservatives:

"Conservatives - Working our asses of in hellholes, even on our effing birthdays, for working Canadians and their families."

sooey said...

Cripes, what could there possibly be to do in Charlottetown that isn't already being done by one of its four? six? eight? representatives.

PeBo said...

Um... Lisa Raitt is an asset to the government? Surely the author meant an ass.

I also have trouble understanding why Ms Guergis' hissy-fit is considered inappropriate for an MP! Grit superstar of yesteryear Sheila Copps pretty well invented 'menstruating-and-behaving-badly'.

Hell she made it a schtick, and ended up being Deputy Prime Minister (the ultimate Head-Bobber)