Saturday, February 13, 2010

Compassionate Christianity? Not so much ...

Shorter SUZANNE: Rumour has it that allegedly "gay" teenagers are at a higher risk of suicide than heterosexual teens. Whatever.

CC here: SUZANNE, being the hideous waste of skin that she is, redirected that link to her favourite wallpaper store (graphic abortion pics). I've tossed the link for now.

It's creepy how much that nutbar loves the sight of a dead fetus.

LuLu here: Even shorter SUZANNE: Free speech FTW!!11!!1!!1! Except, you know, when I don't like it.


jj said...

Link redirected, Fetus pron alert.

wv - pronsa

CK said...

What is the deal with her anyway?

No, seriously? I've gotten the impression that this particular pro-lifer is pro-rape, blames the women for whatever misfortunes happen.

She, like so many Pro-lifer neo cons have perverted religion: I wonder if she's With the Schlafly brigade?

What is with the fixation of photoshopped pics of red fetuses? She's got one 'decorating' her blog.

She scary!

NĂ¡mo Mandos said...

She thinks that if you see it, you'll be sorry for it and offer it your womb.