Saturday, February 13, 2010

The backlash must have been savage.

Scrolling through the main page of the septic tank that is the Blogging Tories and this just leaped out at me:

Wow, thought I, using a horrific tragedy to score some cheap political points and mock some dead people. That's purely "Neo Conservative" territory there. So I thought it might be amusing to see what "Barrel Strength"s readers had to say about this, and if any of them called the author (it's a group blog) to task for being such an insensitive asshole:

Huh. How odd. One suspects that even BS's Blogging Tory colleagues were taken aback by the smirking dismissal of and snickering at the cold-blooded murder of three academics.

Except for "Neo Conservative." I suspect he just left a comment hoping they were black.


Kelseigh said...

Conservapedia, on the other hand, wastes no time diving into the muck.

But then, someone has to show the BTs how it's done.

Southern Quebec said...

Looked at his blog...usual racist shit. Sad...pathetic little person...