Friday, October 05, 2007

Richard Evans, the Calgary Sun and setting the record straight.

Oh, sigh.

It was Aldous Thomax Huxley who, when once asked why he didn't continue to defend biological evolution against a particularly badly-educated and oft-refuted opponent, responded, "Life is too short to occupy oneself with the slaying of the slain more than once." Nonetheless, I apparently have to dig up the festering corpse of Richard Evans one more time, just to give it a few final whacks before burying it once again for good.

All of this would be in response to this piece in today's Calgary Sun for which I was interviewed by one Shawn Logan -- an interview, I would like to point out, I did not initiate and which I wasn't really enthusiastic about granting until I learned that Richard had already had his say, which forced my hand since I wanted to make sure that anything that was published wasn't simply Richard's one-sided, dishonest rantings. As it turns out, that was a wise move on my part. And now, to business:

An aldermanic candidate in the Oct. 15 municipal election has escalated a blogging duel by offering a $500 reward for his nemesis' identity on his website.

Ooooooh ... I am officially a "nemesis". Is there a prize for that? Is there a club t-shirt? In any case ... onward:

Richard Evans, who is running in Ward 4, said an anonymous blogger has been defaming him on his website and posting his address, phone number and the names of his wife and two children.

That would be Richard's address and phone number that is publicly available by querying any of his registered domain names, and his personal family information that he's posted for the world to read here. Sadly, there goes my reputation for being James Bond. But here's where it gets good:

Evans, who has been operating his Let Freedom Reign blog for years, said he posted the bounty because he wants to sue the Waterloo, Ont.-based blogger and he's worried the online battle may hurt his election hopes.

Good thinking, Richard, because nothing says "downplay the controversy" like escalating a public blog war involving accusations of white supremacist thinking and pedophilia. Clever plan, Richard ... how did that work out, by the way? Oh ... not so well, I see. Pity. But let's talk about that whole "lawsuit" thing for just a minute, shall we? Because it was less than a week ago when I wrote this:

Gosh, just look at the calendar ... only a couple more weeks until the Calgary municipal election, where all the evidence suggests that white supremacist and NAMBLA advocate Richard Evans is going to get flattened like a toad under a steamroller.

At which point Richard got himself a little woody over the fact that I had accused him of being a white supremacist and, man alive, he was so going to sue my ass from here to Sunday. Except for one small, ugly detail -- this:

Isn't that interesting? is a domain that is owned by Richard Evans of Calgary Alberta, and for which he has total control.

Now, being somebody who understands the concept of property rights, I don't hold with this idea of "cybersquatting". Richard owns the domain. He paid for it. It's his. He can do anything he wants with it.

The fact that he himself has nothing to do with Somena, or the Somena people is irrelevant. The domain belongs to him.

The question now is.. why would he point it to Stormfront? That's an interesting choice non? This is a website inhabited by white supremacists neo-kkk types and people who generally wouldn't ever invite me and my non-white children and family over for a BBQ or whatnot.

I can only conclude, that Richard Evans is a supporter of, promoter of Stormfront, since he is ultimately directing people who would have come to my website, (but for a typo) over to Klan central.

Proof that Richard Evans, of Calgary Alberta is indeed an openly racist bigot.

That's right -- that's Somenamedia's Meaghan Williams openly suggesting that Richard is a white supremacist, to which Richard, curiously, responds not with outrage and threats of lawsuit, but with ... well, let's let Richard's words speak for themselves in the comments section there:

Richard said...

Yeah, about that... I've decided to keep somenamedia pointed to it's current destination for the next little while... Watching you stew in your own hatred is amusing...

Why, that doesn't look like outrage at all. In fact, it looks like someone being absolutely gleeful about what he's done, and is just plain revelling in the accusations of being a racist and a bigot. Which kind of undercuts Richard's alleged lawsuit against me, doesn't it? If it didn't bother him then, well, he's going to find it hard to convince a judge that he has any right to be upset about it now, don't you think? Man, I'm betting Richard is wishing he could have a do-over on that comment.

And, finally, let's skip over the mundane details of that Sun article to get to the last line, where we read:

Evans said he used the redirecting ploy, but it was only a response to what he said were continued attacks from the blogger.

Um ... say what? As I demonstrated above, it was less than a week ago that Richard claims he finally has the smoking gun evidence for a defamation lawsuit against me, but the existence of his look-alike, NAMBLA-redirected domain goes all the way back to July 2 of this year. Whoopsie. That's just a bit inconvenient, don't you think?

And in conclusion, how best to summarize all this? Oh, right ... Richard is totally fucked. And having given him one last good boot to the head, I'm going to leave him to fester in his own racist juices, and I'm going to move on. As Huxley suggested, life is too short for some crap, and Richard Evans is precisely that kind of crap. Onward and upward. Time to rinse all this muck off of me and get back to real blogging.

Curiously, the air smells fresher already. Funny how that works, isn't it?

P.S. Amusingly, Mr. Logan brought up the name "Werner Patels" sometime during the interview. If I recall correctly, my response to that involved the phrases "schizophrenic" and "multiple personality disorder," at which point Mr. Logan wisely decided to move on. Good thinking.

: Yeah, I'm guessing this isn't the effect Richard was going for.


Balbulican said...

Very, VERY bad strategy on Richard's part.

I am assuming he already has maxed out his share of the Deep-Ozark-deportee vote in his riding. Any action he take takes should therefore be aimed at increasing his vote share. And I can't see how this will achieve that.

Anyone stupid enough to believe he's been wronged is probably already voting for him.

Anyone marginal, and curious, is going to visit your site, driving up your traffic, and learning what a dishonest and manipulative asshole he's been.

Ti-Guy said...

I guess it's difficult for a reporter to learn, in such a short time, that this is an established pattern of behaviour for Richard Evans (re-directing sound-alike domain names to NAMBLA, Stormfront, etc.).

A theme for Progressive Bloggers might be for interested parties to "share" a particular Richard Evans anecdote as a result of a pestilent encounter with him on their blogs. There are dozens, if not hundreds of such stories, I'm sure.

The Seer said...

Don't understand why they decided to do a story and then didn't givee any details. Looks like the story was cut by the copy desk. Also looks life the copy desk figured your buddy Richard is a nutcase who might sue The Sun. Whole thing seems strange.

lenny said...

Looks like Ricky has removed the "Reward" thread and comments. What a surprise that it would prove to be another empty threat and he'd purge it from his website.

lenny said...

Poor Dicky is falling apart. He's banned me for commenting replying to another commenter that Richard's issuing of threats to try and shut up CC and then purging his site of reference to the threat wasn't much of a demonstration of "courage and conviction". It's particularly hilarious in light of Richard's previous comments on banning commenters:

M@ said...

First, has Richard threatened to sue the Calgary Sun for defamation yet?

Second, CC, where can I get me one of those "Richard's Nemesis" t-shirts?

Balbulican said...

The relevant thread has been deleted, Lenny's comments have been deleted, and comment moderation has been turned on: all comments are now being screened.

Hilarious, and indicative of just how stupid Richard has been through this whole affair.

Of course the article was going attract attention to his blog. And despite the smoke and mirrors, one basic fact is indisputable: Richard deliberately redirected traffic to some odious blogs, and sought to associate them with people he didn't like. It was juvenile, and it was vile.

How he thought that attracting attention to that fact was going to win him any votes is incomprehensible.

He's erased all the evidence on his side; fortunately the curious will seek out this and other sites that have been covering this most amusing episode. For their edification, you might want to publish a short, point-form, non-editorial, chronological summary of events, with links, and keep it up for a couple of days.

As ye sow...

M@ said...

The relevant thread has been deleted

Disk space?

CC said...


No, I don't want to drag this out any further. I'm done with this, it's just too demeaning.

Richard is welcome to sit around with Patrick Ross and Weiner Prattles and they can all stroke each others' dicks and complain about how I was a nasty, nasty man while they spoon each other for sympathy. I have better things to do.

Phyl said...

I'm assuming someone has screen caps of the relevant pages anyway.

How pathetic this odious toad is. Thank goodness he's not going to get elected and help try to destroy my former hometown. Can you imagine his behaviour regularly disrupting city council??

Dr.Dawg said...

I appear to be banned form his place. Which is odd: yes, I did call him a snivelling crybaby, but posted far less abusively after that, for days.

Thin skin. Etc.

I think you can score this as a victory, CC.

thwap said...

We're all special in our own way. "Special" doesn't have to be in a good way.

I feel sorry for people as witless and clueless as R.E.

Until he goes out and hurts others.

Balbulican said...

"I don't want to drag this out any further. I'm done with this."

I understand. On the other hand, here's some old Dublin wisdom: "ALWAYS kick'em when they're down. Hard, repeatedly, and in the head."

Well, never mind. You're a better man than I am.

CC said...

Apparently, "purgatory" isn't that far away. In his most recent posting on this hopefully-deceased spat, Richard writes (and, no, I'm not going to link) that he has "sent the offending post to purgatory."

Well, no, he hasn't. While it's admittedly no longer displayed on his main page, you can still get to it by simply browsing to its original URL of So any existing links to that page (of which there are some on this blog) are, of course, still perfectly valid.

Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

Simon said...

Oh dear, how embarassing this must be for Richard. He's the type that needs to feel dominant in order to have any self-worth, so this must be an especially painful setback for him. Not that I feel sorry for that psycho.

Niles said...

Is he positioning himself for why he's going to lose out to Mr. Hawkesworth?

Cue the martyr music about how scurrilous leftard bloggers dirty pooled him into losing public support, ensuring Teh Socialist remains on the city roll.

If he paid as much attention to his policies and the ward as much as he does his nemesii (because CC certainly hasn't been the only blogger to note RE's behaviours) he might get...

...nevermind that last part. Given his published account of record, I don't want him to better his local political profile.

thwap said...

Weiner will comfort him though:

"Dirty commies. That's how they do things! Underhanded and sneaky like." ("grrrr.")

ttempest said...

Dear Sir:

Just a note of appreciation for snarkiness. You're taking snark to a new, higher level - and the targets are so deserving of the scorn. Your posts have become a 'must read' since they put into words (although sometimes a shade over the top) what I have often found myself thinking about people who could actually say the things your targets say. I hope you keep up the good work for years.

However, reading your posts is sometimes a guilty pleasure since I can't shake the early childhood training that said you never, ever mistreat a dumb animal.


Red Tory said...

Sorry to be a nitpicker, but don't you mean Thomas Huxley rather than Aldous?

the rev. said...

A shame the sun didn't see fit to mention the type of offensive site he was linking lookalike URLs to. Or to mention your site. It should have been a longer piece to do the whole thing justice, but I suppose they have more important things to cover than Dick's bloging crusade.

E in MD said...

I'm sure this douchebag Richard will have some witty response. Maybe something like, "Mom! Some blogger is picking on me!"