Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yeah, that explains a lot, doesn't it?

Now this is what you call a blogroll:

In totally unrelated news, the mainstream media sucks because they only ever give you half the story. Dontcha just hate that?


Ti-Guy said...

As if that blogroll weren't enough of a purgative, check out the nauseating grandiloquence of one Mr. Mark Peters:

There are moments when we forget why various nations are in Iraq and Afghanistan and why there is and must be concerted effort to combat Islamism whenever and whereever it raises its ugly head in whatever repugnant forms, whether its a homicidal terrorist blowing up a café or an activist calling for preferential rules for Muslims.

Then there are moments that bring all the "whys" into crystal clear focus. This is one of them:

...Indeed. Those are, in fact, the moments that are literally crying out for a flavoured coffee with which to celebrate them.

Where do you find these people? Are you the pharmacist who dispenses their anti-anxiety medication and mood elevators or something?

DanJ said...

Under "about", he begins with listing his three most important qualifications: "I am a Christian white male". Ouch. I have some of those qualifications, but I hope I'm not ready for a re-call. I would like to live in Trudeaupia, like him, though. That would be a cool address.

Sparky said...

Wow--his 'about' section is just.. wow!

"Therefore I actively oppose the ideals espoused by the political liberal-Left, whose gospels of political correctness, tolerance and multiculturalism aim to deny our Christian European heritage, equate our cultural roots with other less valuable cultures and ideologies..."

'caue you know, those natives that 'we' supplanted when 'we' took over the continent were less valuable and their cultural roots--insignificant. Christian ideologies are sooo much better than anything else out there, 'cause you know that athiests and agnostics are in such a hurry to go to war over, well, ideologies...

This is borderline racist--Christian European heritage is the epitome of existance? I'm a white (reformed) christian male and I don't think that I have any greater 'call to being' than anyone else. Talk about a sense of entitlement--'I am white european christian guy--hear me roar!'


Crabgrass said...

WTF?? Where is CBC Watch?