Friday, March 16, 2007

Worst Site of All Time!

I have found the crappiest website in creation. Behold the stupefying, flaccid world of John Gibson! Kind of has the air and ambiance of an empty lot, vacant, like the host. Slapdash, like his reasoning, the site is not only weak, it's embarrassing. I mean who in their right mind puts up a self-promotional website that sucks this bad?

This guy is a media professional? From December 2005 to date, there are five posts. The owner of the site contributes one post to that pool. Excluding the titles of the posts, the "content" runs to a staggering 518 words (seriously, he gives a word count). There are a whopping total of 13 comments on the site. 12 of those are long lists of links to pharmaceutical products. Comment 13 is quite a nice letter from Jesus, which gently deflates the "War on Christmas", which Gibson was hyping.

Speaking of the hype, Gibson's book "The War on Christmas" is available via a link to Amazon from his site. You can buy it new for $18.21 or if you don't mind a used copy, the best price is $0.01. Worth every penny. Well, the whole penny. Or a penny you found.

Could there be a crappier site in the wankersphere? I find it hard to imagine. You'd have to plan to make a site fail worse than this. And check the trend in his traffic. Cheney couldn't lose relevance faster than this guy. Fucking astonishing.

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