Monday, March 19, 2007

Stories your Blogging Tories never told you.

As I pointed out recently, the Blogging Tories are all a-twitter over the good news out of Iraq that the Iraqis are just dee-lighted with how things are going. In addition to Canada's Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck™, we have BT Jarrett Plonka spreading the gospel of Drudge, then there's Paul over at Celestial Junk, drinking the Kool-Aid:

Somewhere in the debate though, folks forgot to ask Iraqis what they think:

MOST Iraqis believe life is better for them now than it was under Saddam Hussein, according to a British opinion poll published today.

The survey of more than 5,000 Iraqis found the majority optimistic despite their suffering in sectarian violence since the American-led invasion four years ago this week.

But then, what do a bunch of stupid shell-shocked Arabs and Persians know anyway.

And wankery just wouldn't be wankery without Damian Penny quoting exactly the same Times Online piece:

To that end, a new poll suggests that most Iraqis think their life today, despite daily horrors and violence, is still better than life under Saddam Hussein...

Yup, it's definitely party time down at the old bazaar ... except for the niggling inconvenience of this poll, which doesn't seem quite so perky and upbeat:

Pessimism 'growing among Iraqis'

A new survey paints a pessimistic picture of Iraqis' confidence in their own government and in coalition forces.

Only 18% of Iraqis have confidence in US and coalition troops, while opinion is almost evenly split on whether to have confidence in Iraq's government.

About 86% of those questioned expressed concern about someone in their household being a victim of violence...

Asked whether they thought reconstruction efforts in Iraq had been effective, some 67% said they felt they had not...

Well, gosh darn it all -- strikingly different results, all of which means that you won't be reading about any of that over at the BTs 'cuz, well, it's based on reality and, as we all know, the BTs don't really do reality.

But you didn't need me to explain that to you.

, it's amusing to notice what passes for victory and good news in conservative circles these days. Appreciate, if you will, that all this wankerific celebrating is based on the claim that, after four years of American occupation, the best you can get out of Iraqis is that an alleged majority of them think things are better than they were under Saddam.

That's it.

Apparently, we commie, pinko, terrorist-loving Lefties should feel totally smacked down because the "Coalition" troops have finally turned Iraq into something not quite as bad as what it was under a ruthless, homicidal maniac.

Yeah, I know I'd be breaking out the streamers and balloons.


Anonymous said...

Four fucking years!

And counting.

Ti-Guy said...

500 billion dollars and counting.

...I hope the Americans go broke. Maybe when the bulk of them don't have any money to spend on drunken debauche in Fort Lauderdale every Spring Break, they'll start taking this stuff seriously.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the people who didn't believe Bush from the start. It seemed so obvious back in the days before the war that we had been doing well in Afghanistan with the Taliban and we should have just stayed with that until the job was done.

Instead Emperor Bush decided HE was the decider and that people like me, military strategists, intelligence agents, advisers and raw data didn't mean a damn thing. Even now this general feeling exists in Washington - and it's not just limited to Republicans.

I can't tell you how many letters I've written to the Dems here. The last batch was 13. The only person who's ever actually responded was a Republican . He didn't agree with me, but he still responded. How many times do we have to demand impeachment to see it done? Or is oral sex the only real crime a government official can commit these days?

The large majority of Americans are starting to wake up to see that the Bush administration lied to get us into the war and that they're corrupt from top to bottom. But we are STILL being ignored. Every time you turn over a rock, you get three or four new abuses of power. Yet the only people mentioning impeachment are a few rogue Republicans. ( The one or two who probably had some integrity at some point ).

So I'm left to ask myself the question of, if the majority of Americans don't want this war but the majority of politicians seem to, why the hell aren't we dragging these air chair commando SOB's out of their offices and hanging them from lampposts? There were a time when Democrats and Republicans fired canons at each other, now they just block legislation at each other.

I read over the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence the other day and I'm pretty sure that our founding fathers would have stormed Washington by now with armed troops, dragged Bush kicking and screaming from the Oval Office and brought him before Congress in chains to be impeached. I'm also sure that they would have called all Americans cowards for not standing up against Bush's bid for theocratic oligarchy.

So why aren't we doing anything? My theory is that somewhere in the 80's America got so caught up in being wealthy and well fed that we lost our soul. Otherwise why would our Wartime President be telling us that we need go shopping and why would our greatest health risk be obesity?

We claim to value honesty and integrity, but we don't reward it. Whistleblowers are persecuted. People who don't tow the partly line have their careers ruined and their lives put in danger.

We claim to hate con artists, liars and thieves but we only punish them if they're poor or black. Convicted Traitor Oliver North is appearing on Fox News now as a commentator. OJ gets a book deal. Tom Delay's back on the talkie circuit and Newt Gingrich comes clean on Tv that he was having an affair while impeaching Clinton for having an affair. Where is the outrage?

It is my opinion that the last few things that were good and decent about this nation were either knocked out or killed on September 11th, 2001. I can only hope that liberty and justice are not dead and that the sword of Damoclese that has been hanging over us since then will fall hardest on the corrupt when the Bear of the American people finally wakes up and realizes that someone stole their country when they were cowering in their basement with duct tape and plastic sheeting over their windows. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. I know I am.

Thank the gods for the 22nd Amendment! March 21st, 1947 should be made a national holiday called "Bush Can't be Elected Again" day.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Americans go broke. Maybe when the bulk of them don't have any money to spend on drunken debauche in Fort Lauderdale every Spring Break, they'll start taking this stuff seriously.
- - - - - -

The majority of us DONT have that kinda money. The problem is, it's the ones that do that get to make the decisions because somewhere along the line the rest of us lost our balls.

Anonymous said...

You know, this post is a great example of the tremendous success the right have enjoyed in completely shifting "the debate" from the inescapable reality.

That reality is that the US did not invade to "liberate" anyone. They invaded because their was an immediate threat to national security vis a vis WMD.

Fuck-a-duck. And you're debating polls.

Say, 100% of them may think things are a bowl of god damned cherries now... so the fuck what?

Where are the fucking WMD?

Point - wankers.

Anonymous said...

While my initial belief was that Bush was doing an OK job, as there is more going on in Iraq then you might think. What I think really sent Iraq to hell was when the suicide bombers struck that mosque, starting off that Civil War going on over there. It doesn’t help that the Sunnis and Shiites can’t stop killing one another -_-