Thursday, March 15, 2007

Stories your Blogging Tories never told you.

Yes, yes, it's childish, but there's just such entertainment value in watching how the entire Blogging Tory collective can carefully avert their eyes from breaking developments that clash with their hermetically-sealed world view. Like this (emphasis added):

In testimony on Jan. 18, [U.S.] Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales assured the Senate Judiciary Committee that the Justice Department had no intention of avoiding Senate input on the hiring of U.S. attorneys.

Just a month earlier, D. Kyle Sampson, who was then Gonzales's chief of staff, laid out a plan to do just that. In an e-mail, he detailed a strategy for evading Arkansas Democrats in installing Tim Griffin, a former GOP operative and protege of presidential adviser Karl Rove, as the U.S. attorney in Little Rock.

"We should gum this to death," Sampson wrote to a White House aide on Dec. 19. "[A]sk the senators to give Tim a chance . . . then we can tell them we'll look for other candidates, ask them for recommendations, evaluate the recommendations, interview their candidates, and otherwise run out the clock. All of this should be done in 'good faith,' of course."

Oh, yeah, this story just gets better and better to the point where you can wager on an impending Alberto Gonzales resignation. And what do we have from the BTs on this latest atrocity?

Well, the great thing about the BT site is that they have this cool search box at the top, so we can enter, oh, say, "alberto gonzales attorney purge", to find ... nothing. Nada. Zip. A story so rank with corruption that it may very well bring down a sitting U.S. Attorney General, and ... dead silence. Hundreds of crack, right-wing propaganda troops at the ready and ... squat.

Man, it must be comfortable inside that bubble chamber. I know that if I was that blissfully ignorant, I wouldn't want to be disturbed.

P.S. You may never learn from the BTs about rampant right-wing corruption in the justice system south of the border, but Cindy Sheehan's gynecological problems? Hey, Steve's all over that. That's why Steve's a valued member of Open Bathrobe Media, and you're not.

I just thought you needed to know that.

TAIL-WAGGING AFTERSNARK: Make sure you savour this snippet from that WaPo article (emphasis added):

Democrats and Republicans are demanding to know whether Gonzales, Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty and other Justice officials misled them in sworn testimony over the past two months.

"Sworn." As in, under oath. As in, perjury. Man, it's amusing to watch how quickly all those wankers decide that perjury isn't such a big deal after all. That's what happens when you have amazingly flexible principles.

Or no principles at all.



Ti-Guy said...

Betcha the BT's are all over Islamofascist Khalid Shaikh Mohammed confessing yet again to 9/11. If it gets any worse for Gonzales, the BT's will have to start talking about Clinton's blowjob.

Lindsay Stewart said...

hah. go see the latest plastic jugged vlog. not only does the pamulator raise the spectre of the clenis, she disavows wrongdoing by foley and throws all of her support behind the poor, misunderstood saint coulter. i especially loved her little story about running home from school in tears after being called a faggot. what a loon.