Monday, March 26, 2007

Somehow, the word "whiny" leaps to mind.

That was then:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took his battle with journalists overseas to Vietnam this weekend. "Mr. Harper and his staff took aggressive control of the agenda after a reporter threw a question at him as he was being greeted by his Vietnamese counterpart yesterday morning, " the Globe and Mail reported from Hanoi.

"Canadian reporters found themselves barred from the rest of Mr. Harper's events yesterday, including a photo opportunity with Canadian youth and a dinner with his friend and ideological ally, Australian Prime Minister John Howard," reported the Globe's Brian Laghi.

But when it happens on the other side ... eh, not so much fun:

Gore Bans Media from Events

What is Gore afraid of?
Montreal: "No working media will be permitted in the hall during his keynote address or during the honorary doctorate ceremony. "
Toronto: "But what went on in there was still a secret - with no media permitted."

Since he is asking for public funding in the amount of something like $3 Trillion, should he not be 100% accountable and transparent?
Is he afraid of being asked embarrassing questions like how he got to the event or how much money he was paid?
Are these questions rhetorical?

No, Brian ... not rhetorical. Just really, really, fucking stupid.

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