Saturday, March 24, 2007

Now, I'm not saying you're fat, but ...

According to some of the Blogging Tories, referring to Stephen Harper's porking out is, well, tacky:

Some might consider Dion’s recent comments about Harper’s weight as “just pointing out the obvious,” but personally I find it kind of tacky. After the recent buffalo under the arm joke (and the fallout that accompanied it), one has to wonder whether our politicians have any real tact.

... and immature:

Mr. Dion thinks that it will win him points if he takes shot at Harper's appearance. During an interview, Stéphane Dion made fat jokes about Stephen Harper...

This sort of immaturity from Dion is only further evidence that the guy is out of his league.

... and childish:

So, what is Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's response to the Tory ads criticizing his leadership?

He calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper fat.

Boy, there's effective leadership for ya. What grade is he in now?

... and infantile:

So, to recap, the Conservative Party runs a series of ads, quoting Liberals - in context! - attacking their own party's record on the environment and on its inability to set priorities, and Stephane Dion responds something equivalent to: "I'm not going to be negative - your leader is fat!".

In other news, Al Gore is overweight.


Anonymous said...

While I join the BT’s in ridiculing Stéphane’s infantile remarks, I do find Stephan’s lack of attention to his weight troubling. How can Stephan expect to be considered a Bush clone without remaining fit & trim?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure if you're aware, but some sources even suggest that Michael Moore could stand to lose a few pounds.

Nobody on the right, I'm sure...