Thursday, March 22, 2007

My God, I love being right.

Regular gluttons for punishment at this blog might recall when I suggested that, rather than invent bizarre and lame rationalizations for the recent purge of U.S. attorneys, the Bush administration simply say that it's their call and it's none of your damned business:

If you're going to invariably fall back on this 'at the pleasure of the President' defense, why doesn't the President just come out and say that he can do whatever the hell he wants, and he just felt like firing those eight attorneys, and it's nobody else's business and if you don't like it, you can just bite him?

Oh, my. Did I call it or what?

Thank ya ... thank ya very much.

BY THE WAY, did anyone else notice that, in Commander Chimpy's very first sentence, he referred to the "resignation" of those attorneys (as if they were voluntary), and immediately followed that up with the claim that he has, of course, the power to "replace" them.

Where I come from, being forcibly "replaced" doesn't normally fall under the category of voluntary resignation, if you see what I mean.


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic, stupid piece of shit.

Listen you fuck-face of a "president" ... you have the power to hire and fire those attorneys.

But there is no fucking way in hell that the people who wrote your Constitution ever intended that the purpose was to give the executive branch the power to use the justice department as a tool to punish your enemies and to prevent the justice department from going after your friends by firing anyone who dares to uphold the law in a non-partisan manner.

And the reality that you continued to avoid in that laughable bit of blustering is that Congress has found evidence that you and your lackeys used your power to fire and replace DA's in just such a fashion.

And that your loathsome AttGn'l Gonzales lied under oath when he asked for the power to replace fired DA's without Senate approval and said that he would never use that power unless it was an emergency.

That speech was an amazing example of a cornered bully shitting his pants in fear.

Ti-Guy said...

Paralysing fear does seem to make ol' Chimpy McCokespoon a little more focussed and coherent. No more truthful though, unfortunately.

By the way, when are we going to get to the Republican interference in the last Canadian federal election (and probably the one before)? I know, it sounds conspiratorial, but these days, being paranoid just means you're paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of those gluttons for punishment...

Check out the latest priceless inconsistency over @ S&B, where Jason first spews outrage over the possibility that someone might be teaching their children to disrespect the troops, then in the next post hatefully refers to VETERANS who are protesting the war as 'moonbats'.

Are we to conclude that, according to Jason, risking your life and wellbeing for your country of origin isn't enough? Perhaps in order to have your service (and sacrifices) respected and your views honored, you also have to do the republican goose-step?

Anonymous said...

If only I had watched George on TV more often in the past, I'd be able to judge just how bizarre that performance was. Is he always that jerky in delivery? Always that close to spitting out his words? That close to stomping his li'l feet and pounding his li'l fists on the podium?

That was a man on the verge of losing control, I think.