Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Wednesday, so they must care about the children again.

Fresh off of being monumentally indifferent to the plight of the incarcerated nine-year-old Canadian in a Texas detention centre, some Blogging Tories have suddenly become terribly, terribly concerned about the welfare of children again.

It's curious ... what is it about this story related to autistic children that makes it so appealing to Canada's wankersphere?

Don't Let Ontario Liberals Away With Abuse of Power ...

Whoops, never mind. Sorry I asked.

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Mike said...

Funny how they all conveniently missed the NDP's Peter Stofer putting forth and private member's bill to do this very thing at the Federal Level last year. I guess it was because it was the NDP and that Laurel Gibbons was running against Pierre "Politieness" Poilievre at the same time.

Amazing what a little political convenience can do for a conscience.