Thursday, March 15, 2007

Buckle up ... this is going to be fun.

March 13, 2007 (all emphasis added):

... what Harriet Miers was doing was taking a look and floating an idea to say, hey, should we treat the second term very similar to the way we treat a first term? Because, remember, when Bill Clinton came into office he removed all 93 U.S. attorneys. The President chose not to remove all 93 U.S. attorneys -- removed significant numbers of them, but we left people in key positions because of the role they played.

... So it was appropriate for Harriet to raise the idea; it was quickly rejected.

March 15, 2007:

New unreleased e-mails from top administration officials show that the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove in early January 2005, indicating Rove was more involved in the plan than the White House previously acknowledged...

The e-mails also show that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales discussed the idea of firing the attorneys en masse weeks before he was confirmed as attorney general.

The e-mails directly contradict White House assertions that the notion originated with recently departed White House counsel Harriet Miers, and was her idea alone

I can't wait for the next Tony Snow press gaggle.

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catnip said...

Snow will probably pull a Scott McClellan and claim he was kept out of the loop.