Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sometimes, this job is too easy.

Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck supplies the setup:

"Time for my own poll. Is there any question so wacky that one-third of the population will not answer it in the affirmative?

Hey, here's one: How many Americans think Commander Chimpy is doing a good job?

An Associated Press-Ipsos poll conducted this week found the president's approval rating has dropped to 33 percent, matching his low in May. His handling of nearly every issue, from the
Iraq war to foreign policy, contributed to the president's decline around the nation, even in the Republican-friendly South.

Sometimes, you have to go looking for a straight line. And sometimes the straight line comes to you.

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aweb said...

You know, clicking through the links to the original post, they have a good point about how people answer polls.

If you ask people stupid questions, like "Do you think aliens are among us?", or "was 9/11 an inside job?", people will give you stupid answers. If the question doesn't seem serious to people, they won't give serious answers.

Polls are more useful for questions people consider serious, because they are more likely to have an opinion on the subject, and they are less likely to lie about it. Not denying there are always a few hardcore nuts on any topic, but polling isn't a good way to try to reflect a fringe belief. I'd say "Yes" if asked the above questions, because they are obviously stupid questions, and if they are going to waste my time asking them, I'll waste their time screwing with the answers.