Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Mommy, can I hear the story about right-wing accountability again?"

Cathie reminds us of the awe-inspiring depth of some folks' total dumbassitude:

Mark Steyn, May 2003:

. . . It takes two to quagmire. In Vietnam, America had an enemy that enjoyed significant popular support and effective supply lines. Neither is true in Iraq. Isolated atrocities will continue to happen in the days ahead, as dwindling numbers of the more depraved Ba'athists confront the totality of their irrelevance. But these are the death throes: the regime was decapitated two weeks ago, and what we've witnessed is the last random thrashing of the snake's body . . .

Let me (once again) suggest the only appropriate response:

... Screw them. Tie Bush around their necks, tie Iraq around their necks, like a fucking millstone, and let's watch the whole conservative, paleo or neo, sink deep into the ocean trenches. You failed, boys. Failed badly.

And one of the consequences of failing this badly is that you have to shut up and let actual adults take charge and clean this shit up. I don't give a rat's ass whether you're ready to live with it. Sit down, and don't raise your hand again until you have something useful to say.

Because, really, there's not much point in trying to have an intelligent discussion with these folks anymore. Telling them to just sit down and shut the fuck up is no less than they deserve.

AH, HOW CONVENIENT: Glenn Greenwald carefully reaches into his bag and selects a 5-iron, then goes to work on Steyn.


Edwin said...

That 5 iron has been getting a work out. Don't forget about Althouse.

"Mommy, can I hear the story about right-wing accountability again?"

I'm sorry. Not before bedtime. It gives you nightmares.

steve said...

I love the title "So wrong that it re-defines "wrongness"

Could be "So stupid that it re-defines "stupidity" may be used everyday.

the rev. said...

Not only is there little point in trying to have an intelligent discussion with the right, there is very little chance of it. Just as it takes "two to quagmire" it takes two intelligent entities to have an intelligent conversation. When one of the two collective consciousnesses is a rabid religious fundementalist that babbles mindless talking points and can't recognize reality when it scampers up and bites them on the ass, then it isn't going to be much of a conversation.

Left: We really need to come up with a solution to the crisis in Iraq

Right: Saddam had WMDs!! Stay the course! Liberal media! 9/11!

Left: We really need to find a way to combat terrorism without violating human rights and pissing off the entire world.

Right:Ahhrrgg! Evil Islamists under the bed! Brown people crossing the border! 9/11! Fag

Left: A solution must be found to the Middle East crisis that works for both sides

Right: The Rapture is coming!

Left: We need to fix the nation's finances and education system.

Right: Tax cuts! Evolution is just a theory! Don't let fags marry! Ugga bugga! Yearrrggaaaghhh!