Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just because I'm feeling bitchy this morning.

As a parting shot to the earlier post on Bush's wiretapping, we have both Jonathan Strong and commenter "Matt" agreeing on one simple idea:

"More importantly, I hope the ACLU and Judge Taylor are willing to take responsibility should another terrorist attack occur on American soil"

hear, hear!

Good point, guys. So who takes responsibility for those 3,000 deaths back on Sept. 11, 2001? Who do we blame for that? Come on ... you obviously can't wait to find a scapegoat for some future, hypothetical terrorist-inflicted deaths, so you shouldn't have any problem figuring out who's ass should be on the line for all those murders that already happened, right?

Who might be responsible for those? Could it be the people who were actually in charge of the country at the time? Could it be the man who was handed a Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the U.S.", and immediately went on a month-long vacation?

Come on, boys. You're so fucking stoked to be ready to do some finger pointing based on what might happen in the future, so let's hear it -- who's to blame for 3,000 Americans that are already dead?

Or does that question make you just a wee bit uncomfortable?

, all of those wankers who can't seem to talk about terrorism without hyper-ventilating themselves into a coma should be asked the following simple question: "What is it that the Bush administration could do before the recent court ruling that they're not allowed to do now?"

It is a simple question, isn't it? But I'm willing to bet that not one of those hysterical airheads can come up with an actual, meaningful answer.


The American Anthropologist said...

I think the ACLU should be responsible for terror attacks as much as it could be proven that getting a warrant was impossible because the government had no idea about who the attackers were ahead of time.
Also, people who voted for the government that had no idea who were going to attack us should take responsibility for not voting for someone who did.
Furthermore, Bush supporters should be willing to be tortured if it should be proven that lack of standing up for civil liberties allowed secret prisons to use torture.

steve said...

Being morons, their constant screaming trivializes everything.

Christ, now the word verification is 8 letters long.

CC said...

The word verification has always been up to eight letters long. Better learn to live with it.

Gazetteer said...

But what if they are liquid letters that must be mixed with a watch battery before posting?

If that was the case perhaps wide open Echalon netting of every blogger comment would be useful.


steve said...

Maybe i can refresh until i get nsztzif. Still my fav.