Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hoist. Petard. Etc.

Fucking A. Now if we could just get some video of Minister of the Environment Rona Ambrose chowing down on some spotted owl kebab, we could get rid of that worthless airhead as well.

: Not surprisingly, the Blogging Tory soft-pedaling has already started, with commenter Jeff writing:

But surely you're not suggesting that this is on par with Nash and the Lib guy who resigned, are you?

I think there might be a little bit of difference between a guy who was duped into talking to an organization going under a false name and a couple of MPs traveling halfway across the world to organize a Hezbollah pep rally.

Yes, by God, how dare you compare those two situations, which are totally different. Totally.

THE FUN NEVER ENDS, DOES IT? And over at Assclown Central, Matt McGuire tries his hand at damage control:

Jason Kenney is now under fire for unknowingly ...

Yeah, that's where I stopped reading. Next.


catnip said...

Kenney is Steve's parliamentary secretary! If he was so easily "duped", he doesn't even deserve to be Steve's slipper-fetching boy.

As far as organizing a so-called Hezbollah "pep-rally" goes, W and Nash did no such thing while Kenney actually spoke at such a rally for a banned terrorist organization.

Cognitive dissonance on the right really is quite astounding.

steve said...

Why does Kenny hate Canada?

Why does he support the "Terrorists for Harper Association"?

leftdog said...

The brain trust at 'a step to the right' argues that at least Jason Kenney never said that the Terrorist group he was addressing should be taken off the list of terrorist groups!!