Sunday, August 27, 2006

And the "freeping" of that poll surprises you HOW exactly?

I don't quite get the outrage (or, at least, visible annoyance) of some of Canada's progressives now that it's obvious that their recent poll on the Status of Women Canada was being "freeped."

What did you expect, guys? Did you seriously think to run an online survey that would generate meaningful results? Jesus, what colour is the sky on your planet?

Of course
it was going to be manipulated. And it was going to be manipulated by the Right to skew the results in one direction, in exactly the same fashion that it was going to be manipulated by you folks by posting that survey on a progressive blog in the first place which would tend the skew the results the other way.

And are you surprised that the manipulation was egged on by Canada's own Crazy-Assed Racist Redneck? Oh, please -- she has a talent for that sort of thing, as you can see here, where she not only encourages readers to specifically vote for that dimwit Preston Manning, but even encourages them to vote once a day, within the technical bounds of the voting process.

So what's the problem? Both of those are online polls; therefore, they're both equally worthless. Accept it and move on. Whining about it is really quite unbecoming, you know.


Mark Francis said...

The problem is the scope of the poll. it's really meant to measure what PBers think, but, being open to all, doesn't end up measuring anything.

A Fan said...

CC, you never fail to be the cynic. Myself and others admire you for that.
It just goes to show that smarts outdoes money or bodies any day.
Keep on keeping on!

Saskboy said...

Mark, is that how it was designed though? Not really, since it was open to any reader. Freeping gets on some people's nerves I guess, while others like me just don't really think it's that big a deal. To demonstrate, later today I'm going to ask people to freep my ugly fridge in a contest so I can get an energy efficient fridge from this century.