Friday, February 10, 2006

"You'll do a heckuva job, Stockie."

[Howdy, Kos guests. I'm betting you'll be feeling a lot better after you read this. Make sure you follow the early link for all the stomach-churning details. -- CC]

[UPDATE: You treacherous Americans. We send you smoked salmon, and Mike Myers, and Neil Young, and this ... this is how you repay us?? Bastards.]

And doesn't this just fill you with foreboding, as Alison points out that our new Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is the anti-choice, anti-gay, Bible-pounding, young earth creationism-believing Stockwell Day.

I just can't wait to see how the new federal Department of Faith-Based Anti-Terrorism works out. Maybe I'll just kill myself now and save the terrorists the trouble.

AFTERSNARK: Now, this is a case where I would have been more than happy for Stevie Boy to reach across the aisle and appoint to a cabinet position someone who wouldn't have been as much of an anti-intellectual dumbfuck as Stockwell Day.

All this time, the annoying citizens of Wankerville have been adamant that poaching David Emerson was in the best interests of the country. Yes sir, Steve was only thinking of us 'cuz, you know, that's just the kind of altruistic saint that he is.

Well, if Steve's such a bottomless well of compassion, perhaps he might have found someone better suited to that cabinet position than Stockwell Day. You know, maybe someone who isn't one of the most embarrassing retards to ever stumble through Canadian politics.

If Canada's right-wing wanks can't rouse themselves from their couches long enough to get even a little infuriated over this pathetically inappropriate appointment, their "It's in the best interests of the country" David Emerson hypocrisy will be blatantly obvious. Again.


Grog said...

At least Day isn't in charge of Education.

Anonymous said...

I see that Harper is moving into Sussex Drive now instead of waiting for renovations to be completed. I think he feels that this is his only chance because he won't be in power too long.

Jeff said...

Nuts. I kinda thought I'd be able to move to Canada to escape the right-wing psychos.

Myron said...

Here's hoping there's a massive jet ski incident after a squall on Okanagon Lake.

Anonymous said...

also grog there is no federal minister of education. As for the post I'd prefer to have a man with some moral conviction in cabinet rather than have another Stripergate. Also these comments just show the depths the left has sunk to, wishing death on an Hon. member of parliment? I thought you guys were pro-choise? Because Canadians choose Conservatives over corruption.

PS: Christians are just as Canadian as you. You may not believe their views but at least respect them enough not to riddicule them.

Ada said...

No one is insulting real christians, you know the ones that live good lives "let their light shine", not the fake imposters that yell I'm a christian from every mountain while they rape and pillage our safety, economy, environment, and in the US our entire national funds. So if you're insulted sorry for you. I'm not insulted because I know God thinks their assholes. Sure I wish they would have called themselves Devil Worshipers like they really are, but they choose Christian to fool real chrisitans and sadly because they trust they've been screwed.

Anonymous said...

The problem is clearly NOT that he's a Christian you twit, it's that he's STOCKWELL DAY... the most f'd up politician to ever grace Canadian Government...

I'm at work right now, so I can't research all the crazy crap he's done, but if someone hasn't posted it by the time I get home, I'll research it for all y'all, then the discussion can really start going...

(CC: good job getting linked on Kos, I'm Canadian and I've never been here :))

Silent said...

To the anonymous poster above this.
I completely understand why you didn’t sign your name to a comment like that.
I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was a shill for a bigoted bastard either.
By the way it’s choice not choise.
Canadians didn’t have the option of conservatives over corruption because Jean Chr├ętien wasn’t running for anything.
It’s like punishing Al Gore for Monica.

By the way, if I had to chose between a minor corruption scandal vs. bigoted, incompetent ideologues I would chose not to put my Klan hood on every time.

Personally I’m glad conservatives are choosing loyalty over competence and showing their true face.

Lastly if there is a God thank him for Paul Martin being in power when he was because Stephen Harper said publicly that had he been in power Canadian troops would be dying in Iraq.

Oh yea, liberal corruption. How do conservatives use a computer anyways?
Aren’t you guys afraid of electricity?
Don’t you light a room with burning crosses?

Hey, I take back my spelling correction at the beginning of this post. I wouldn’t want you to use white-out (liquid paper) on your monitor.

steve said...

He will prepare us for the rapture.

Harper can’t be this inept, can he?

Adam said...

Actually, I think Stock is a fine choice for "Public Safety", because it's mostly about sucking up to the US in order to keep the border open. By all accounts he's a really personable guy, and he certainly fits in with the religious fundamentalists down that way. Plus, he's not likely to run over budget on "emergency preparedness", because prayer is very inexpensive...

Mel said...

You guys are lucky to have Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. This means that God will not unleash natural disaster on Canada.

AL from Zerocuse said...

WTF? Whats with terrorizing Marc Emery, eh! Have your PM and MPs been quaffing the American Neo-con/ReThug Kool-Ade? I'm guessing that the ethanol errrr alchohol industry doesn't favour the competition.

Anonymous said...

at least harper is limited in the damage he can do, unlike bush. with no clear majority he'll be unable to roll canada allll the way back to the dark ages.

didn't stockewell run for pm a while back? or was it premier of one of the western provinces.

as a floridian with a double bush whammy my motto has become "go lions!"

Anonymous said...

First off Im not a shill for anyone Im my own man. I have worked for many Torys in Cabinet but not Day. So now that we got that out of the way.

Also Im a "Twit" now apparently and here I was thinking the left was supposed to be open to opposing opinions. Well I guess the hypocracy of the main Liberal Party is leaking down into its grassroots.

Also wow, I read somewhere one of you talks to god! Because how else would you know " know God thinks their assholes" Man I dont even think Day talks to god, mabey Bush not Day.

Also it appears Im a member of the Klan now too. No Im not affraid of electricity I like it personally. Does alot of good stuff for us.

Finally I do take offence to the idea that Evengelical Christians are "Devil Worshipers"! They are Christians! They may differ from your views but Christians none the less. And you call us Bigots! You on the left insult and patronise us on the right. And in all the comments I have read you have not given one tangible reason Stock isnt qualified for the jobs. It was this arrogance that got you thrown out from power.

PS: Its a sign of weakness when you harp on spelling errors of all things.

Zeppo said...

Well, on the matter of the Public Safety Portfolio.... at least Stockwell is qualified to give water safety courses for sea-doos!


David said...

Anonymous (if that is your real name) wrote:

"Also Im a "Twit" now apparently and here I was thinking the left was supposed to be open to opposing opinions."

Hah! Boy, did you ever walk through the wrong door. Do you prefer evisceration or excoriation?

What a twit.

Anonymous said...

So I got my answer. Hypocricy it is. Trully sad. I cant wait to hand your assess to you again in the next election.

David said...

Anonymous dribbled:

"PS: Its a sign of weakness when you harp on spelling errors of all things."

I love this defence of an argument. Hey, if you were to dribble spit down your chin with every word you uttered, should I take you seriously? This is a written medium, and if you want to get your point across, and not seem like a complete fool, then spell "choice" correctly. Or, post somewhere else. How can I trust someone who can't spell "I'm". How hard can that be?

So, to keep us this meme, you spelt afraid, a lot, hypocrisy, maybe, and evangelical incorrectly. I may be weak, but you are an idiot.

lilybart said...

This may not sound nice, but as an American, I am not sure what public emergencies you have?

Earthquakes? no
Hurricanes? no
Terrorism? don't think so
Massive flooding from levees breaking?

although the polar ice cap melting could be a problem....but then, I bet your new guy doesn't believe in global warming.
so maybe he can do little harm in this position?

Anonymous said...

Followed the link from DailyKos. Being cynical is great, but let's not import the left/right craziness from across the border.

Stephen Harper is not Bush or even Bush-lite. I'm happy he doesn't have a majority to play with, but other than that, he's articulate enough and not insulated in a bubble.

Regarding Stockwell Day, whatever flaws he may have that prevented him from succeeding at the national level as a party leader, he is an elected official, not an appointee. As such, he'll have to sit in parliament and answer questions from a vastly more experienced opposition party.

Historically, this portfolio has been well handled in large part because of the stellar public servants who administer it. I find it very hard to believe that a minority government could do anything to change that fact.

Real Democrat USA said...

I find it amusing that through all these comments, so few are them are from right wingers!!! Feels good to be reading something from sane liberals, rather than the crazy Republican propaganda. A few more years of Harper and soon the Liberal will be back in power. Day is nothing compared to Brownie. Our guys are always ten times worse than any Canadien, no matter how conservative he is.

Anonymous said...

I have never read a BLOG with so many mantally challenged comments as this one. If you have to use terms like "asshole" etc to make your point? why bother? After reading the comments I can only conclude
1) too lazy to form an intellectual
2) repeat after me.........
3) duh???
4) Mommy and Daddy didn't send the cheque on time!!!
5) Don't have a f**king clue what I am talking about but at least it will be published!

Anonymous said...

It was inevitable that Day would be in the Cabinet, so hand-wringing over it is really reaching.

You want him in Foreign Affairs?

Or Finance?


I thought not.

Grog said...

O Sighing Anonymous:

1) I'm quite aware of the fact there is no Federal Minister of Education. I believe the appropriate term for my quip is "irony".

2) Day was a twit when he was in the Alberta cabinet, he was a twit as party leader for the Alliance, and I have yet to see or hear anything from him to convince me that he isn't a twit. (that doesn't mean he can't change my opinion, but he hasn't exactly given me any reason to change it either)

Anonymous said...

At least you can bring down your Government with a no-confidence vote and force new elections, if it turns out you don't like it a year from now. You definitely won't have to put up with this guy for four years like we would have to.

NateDawg said...

1) Canada does actually get significant hurricane damage on the east coast.
2) I live in Southeast Manitoba, I suggest you look up the flood of 1997.

Stockwell Day is a twit, Paul Martin is a twit, Jean Chretien is a twit, I'm a twit, you're a twit. There was never any doubt he would be in the Cabinet. Nobody seems to have had a reason why he shouldn't be in the cabinet, other than "he's a twit", or simply because of his party affiliation.

Comon, this is a good cabinet. Two of the selections were somewhat odd, but even they were done to appease voters in major cities who didn't have the foresight to elect any Conservative MP's.

If you want a whacko to complain about, hammer at Vic Toews who got the Justice portfolio. I used to live in his riding (very very religious), and he's the one you should be worried about.

Anonymous said...

I don't follow Canadian politics all that closely, but shouldn't that be Stockwell "Doris" Day?

David said...

Anonymous wrote:

" I have never read a BLOG with so many mantally challenged comments as this one. "

Congratulations on your first computer purchase!

Adam said...

I'm actually wondering why it was "inevitable" that Day be in the cabinet. Yes, several years ago he was the leader of an ancestor party. He was so effective as leader that half of his caucus quit.

Also, I'm hired of the line that religious convictions shouldn't prevent people from participating in government. I do not ridicule people for their religious convictions; but it's a different question when they're running for public office. In general, I don't care whether my MP is Christian, Muslim or Hindu (I think he's Muslim). However, my opinion is anyone who sincerely believes that the planet is 6000 years old does not have the critical thinking skills to govern.

Is that 'twit' enough for you?

Arianna said...

Also on the list of Canadian natural disasters: Ice Storm of '98

Neocynic said...

Stockwell Days' appointment is consistant with that grand tradition of always appointing the classroom idiot a meaningless task in order to keep him out of the way.

Fear not, if dinosaurs invade Toronto, Day will be tasked with cleaning the lint from Parliment Hill's clothes dryers while the professionals deal with it.

Ruby said...

Lilybart we do have earthquakes and land slides here on the west coast and hurricanes on the east coast. We also have floods & ice storms elsewhere in the country.
That being said, the only public safety threat Day will need to save us from is his own party.

fiddlefaddle said...

A little 'Stock' history;
before he became a threat to all of Canada he started in Alberta most notably with a protest march in front of a bar ... uh huh, he wanted to get demon rum out of his town and the bar shut down (we are talking modern history here, folks).
My fondest memory of him though (the list does go on) was during tv news coverage of his final budget when he was Alberta Finance Minister (damn good thing we got oil money to take care of all the brilliance around here). At the moment ol' Stock finished delivering his budget, the entire Conservative caucus lept to their feet in wild, spontaneous, choreographed applause. Not prepared for the wild outburst, ol' Stock was startled for just a moment but within milli seconds he realized they were clapping for him and without a word of a lie, his neck stiffened and his nose went into the air with pride and arrogance enough to make one immediately think of Il Duce. I wish everyone could see the film, this was a classical moment in Canadian politics and funny as hell.
Seriously though, ol' Stock can always conjur up Jesus if we need the added protection. We're lucky to have him on our side - Stock that is. On the other hand I ain't all that sure that Jesus will be permitted to leave the USA.
How about Art Hanger though? Surely there's a well of talent in need of a bucket. Harper's missing a real opportunity to entertain Canadians.

Procrastinatrix said...

Didn't Stockwell day say that women who are raped or victims of incest shouldn't get abortions funded should they choose to have one? That's another idiot thing too. That and gay is a choice. Is it weird I am not comforted by prayer when there are gale-force winds breaking my windows and tearing my roof off?

Off for my gay-induced government-funded rape abortion!