Sunday, February 19, 2006

Making sure everyone sees the evidence.

There's one thing I've found just a little strange about the Cheney/Whittington hunting comedy of errors, and that's the photo of Whittington after he was released from the hospital:

And the oddity is -- why did no one try to minimize the evidence of Whittington's injuries? Surely it wouldn't have been that hard to put on some sort of flesh-toned makeup to hide the worst of it. How difficult can that be?

But, no -- the obvious damage is right out there. It's almost as if Whittington wanted everyone to see it. Or is that just my tin-foil hat talking?


Mark Richard Francis said...

Have you not read the true reason why Dick shot him?

This is all about power. Dick has no problem having his handywork on display.

Junker said...

Maybe the ol' fellow isn't some prissy metro worried about looking good.

Or, Cheney IS sending a message, to Osama. "This is what I do to my friends, imagine what I'll do to you."

Jay McHue said...

Please, please, PLEASE immediately go to the Democrat Underground (yes, I know it's actually the Democratic Underground, but I just like ticking them off - and the url does work). You will find many, many like minds. Like you, they're always wrong (for example, they just knew that Whittington was dead), but you can all be wrong together.

Anonymous said...

No thanks. Making fun of you is much more fun.

If you didn't like the attention, you wouldn't keep coming back.

Wes said...

I just read this for the first time. I appreciate your mind as everyone else should. Even Jerry Fallwell.