Monday, February 20, 2006

The latest word on FEMA funding and evacuees.

Since I blogged on the alleged cutting off of FEMA funding for evacuees back here, it's only fair that I give prime time to a dissenting opinion from someone who is actually on the ground and directly involved, who writes in that comments section:

Just reading this today. Two corrections:

1- FEMA has not cut off funding to disaster victims.

2- most disaster evacuees are employed in their new cities. I have about 8,000 Red Cross cases open right now. They have no homes to go back to and are on hold to begin rebuilding until either their insurance or FEMA covers thier loss. This process is expected to take 18-24 months, so in the meantime housing expenses and travel back to New Orleans to help in the recovery are being PARTIALLY reimbursed to those who apply. (at present I have only 8000 of the original 25000 cases pending) Those who did not own homes, ie renters, are relocated, paying their own rent and hoping they can move back home in the next few years since apartment reconstructino will lag behind single family housing by an estimated 24-36 months.

Consider that a bucket of cold water thrown on petty ranters. Be informed before you blog.

Thus far, I stand corrected. If anyone else wants to jump in here, feel free.

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Lexington said...

Am I reading this right?

Those who owned homes in New Orleans are having their housing expenses partially reimbrused by Uncle Sam but those who rented are not entitled to a housing subsidy?