Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'll bet George is really worried.

From Daily Kos, we learn:

The American Bar Association, via Harris Interactive, conducted a poll this week, surveying 1,000 respondents by asking a perfectly framed question: Can the president suspend constitutional freedoms "anytime the President thinks it is necessary to protect the country"? A staggering 77% answered with a resounding NO.

Oooooooh ... the ABA disagrees with Commander Chimpy. Why am I reminded of the occasion when the Pope complained to Stalin about his treatment of Catholics, to which Stalin allegedly replied, "Fuck the Pope -- how many divisions does he have?"


Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO!!! How do they get from this:

"According to a poll commissioned by the American Bar Association and released today, 52 percent of respondents said that in the fight against terrorism, the President of the United States alone cannot suspend constitutional freedoms, with an additional 25 percent saying he must obtain authorization by a court of law or Congress."

To this:

"Thus 77 percent of Americans express deep reservations about the president’s secret surveillance program."


Lefty With A Hard Right said...

How about this:

"The telephone poll conducted by Harris Interactive® over the past weekend found that only 18 percent of respondents believe the president can suspend constitutional freedoms "anytime the President thinks it is necessary to protect the country."

Spin monkey, spin!

I guess you are upset about the "deep reservations line".

Well, from the same poll:

"45 percent said that in the fight against terrorism the government would never be justified in eavesdropping on their own personal communications without approval by a court or Congress."

Never justified. Would that count as a deep reservation?

Spin monkey, spin!

77% of the people surveyed said they do not want their rights abrogated by the government. How can that sentiment be construed as flitting or superficial?

Spin monkey, spin!

Shannon said...

Perhaps the identity of "Anonymous" has been discovered.

Nice to see he's still lurking about, no?

CC said...


Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I don't see the connection between that postID and Jinx's blog.

I can modify that URL to put in any postID value, and it will come up as referring to him. Care to expand on this?

P.S. It would, of course, be delightful if it were really Weasel Boy, but I will restrain myself until we can establish this.

Grog said...

Check the duplicate wording...

It's McHue alright - or someone doing a 'cut-and-paste' from him...

Shannon said...

His entry about this is almost the exact same wording as the message 'anonymous' left here.

CC said...

Ah, so you're basing this on the similarity of the wording, not the actual haloscan postID (which would have confused the heck out of me since I couldn't see how that was possible).

Yes, that text is pretty similar, but it's always possible it's not Jinx, just someone who reads his blog and is just as breathtakingly stupid.

I will have more to say about this shortly.

Shannon said...

Sorry about the confusion there. I thought I had the link, and copied the wrong thing.

Jason said...

Fine. Cat's out of the bag. I'm actually surprised that you didn't figure it out sooner, CC. IP addresses and all.

Or maybe it's not that surprising.

Incidentally, Shannon's just pissy because I gave her a swift boot to the hinder in an email exchange. Several swift boots, actually.

Hi, Shannon!

CC said...

Well, then, Jinx, why don't you give me the same treatment over my evisceration of your stupidity here?

Go ahead. I can't wait. And, unlike your normal dodging and weaving, try to address the actual issue. That would be a delightful surprise. Or are we going to get your typical tap dancing and goalpost moving?

Place your bets, folks.

Jason said...

I see you are still projecting your own faults on others.

CC said...

DING DING DING DING! Those of you who picked "dodging, weaving, tap dancing and goalpost moving" are all winners.

Please cash in your chips at the front dor.

Shannon said...

Actually, Jason, You got as well as you gave, so I wouldn't be getting all sanctimonious about our exchanges if I were you.

Of course, as you are too dull to understand when your ass is handed back to you and see every exchange as some kind of victory for yourself, I suppose it's easy to be sanctimonious.

See, I knew I was scoring points when you had me banned, especially since the argument wasn't even happening at your poorly tweaked blog.

Take comfort where you can, Jinxie.