Friday, December 17, 2004

Social Security, slavery, evolution and right-wing hypocrisy

Ever notice that, on the one hand, when the issue is economic summits, political dissent or just this president's choice in cabinet members, the message is that this administration and its groupies are relentlessly focused? There will be no disagreement, free debate or open discussion. The president has a specific point of view that will brook no argument or consideration of alternatives.

On the other hand, when the topic is, say, slavery, or evolution versus creation science, these same folks suddenly seem all excited about "presenting both sides," having a "fair and balanced discussion," and academic freedom in which all points of view can be heard?

And wouldn't it be great if, the next time Admiral McFlightSuit suggests teaching creation science (a.k.a. Intelligent Design, a.k.a. worthless, mind-numbing scientific illiteracy) in public schools because it's only fair to present both sides, some courageous journalist asks why this newfound respect for academic and intellectual freedom doesn't apply to the rest of his administration?

Oh, yeah. Hold your breath for that to happen.

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