Saturday, December 18, 2004

Conservatives agree -- U.S. troops a bunch of whiners

John over at AmericaBlog takes issue with a growing number of conservative (read, "never been to war myself but I've read all about it") commentators who are dissing the troops who have the gall to complain about, oh, lack of armour and stuff like that. As John quotes right-wing toady and sycophant Kathleen Parker:

"They make the, well they, they bellyache if you ask them. If they haven't had a bath in two days and they're sleeping with a bunch of smelly guys and they're tired and they're hungry they're going to bellyache. Give them a little R&R and they come back and they have maybe a different story."

Perhaps Parker has a point. I mean, what's the problem when a soldier can't even get a little mussed up without bitching and moaning about it? Suck it up, soldier! Parker's got your back. Well, all right, she's got your back as effectively as she can have it from thousands of miles away behind the safety and comfort of her keyboard.

American troops. What a bunch of pansies, eh?

Addendum: Yeah, and I'm thinking some of these troops should quit their bellyaching, too. Well, at least those who still have bellies left. I'm thinking a little R&R isn't quite going to solve all of their problems.

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