Thursday, December 23, 2004

And the lying just goes on and on and on ...

Josh has
the money quote from Gen. Richard Myers on the Mosul attack:

This attack, of course, is the responsibility of insurgents, the same insurgents who attacked on 9/11, the same type of insurgents who attacked in Beirut, the same insurgents who -- type of insurgents who attacked the Cole, Khobar Towers, and the list goes on.

These people just can't stop lying. It's truly pathological. But it is entertaining to see how quickly Myers catches himself; how he realizes he's full of it and switches from "the same insurgents" to "the same type of insurgents" to dig himself out. No matter. Just another worthless, lying Bush administration sack of crap.

Any bets that, when the hammer falls in terms of responsibility, it's going to land on some poor grunts, and not on anyone higher up the food chain? You know -- like Myers. Or anyone at Halliburton?

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Jay Gatsby said...

How bout how myers worked his way up the chain, as any soldier can do. He went through Vietnam, so I think hes served his time on the battlefield.

And your little consperacy theories are pathetic. Come on, the man misspoke. You really think he meant to say that the now dead terrorists on the 9-11 flights are in Iraq? I try not to call people idiots, but geez.