Thursday, December 07, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: Four million dollars, you say?

While I will have far more to say about Lloydminster's favourite undischarged bankrupt closer to the end of this month, this should keep you amused for at least a few hours. I have already mentioned that Patrick Ross filed a defamation suit against me well over a year ago; it is, of course, utterly without merit, but we'll get to that in due course.

What is amusing is what he is asking for:

That's four million dollars.




Patrick thinks his personal reputation is worth four million dollars.

Keep in mind that, when I sued Patrick back in 2010 and the judge found that I had absolutely been defamed, and maliciously, I was awarded $75,000 (plus $10,000 in costs). And that was based on clear and unmistakable malicious defamation. Patrick, on the other hand, is convinced that he needs four million dollars to heal all that butthurt.

You can draw your own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

Courts typically see ridiculous monetary claims like that as evidence of frivolous and vexatious actions, designed to just scare a defendant into possibly settling for much less, and it's obvious that's what Patrick is doing here.

That was a stupid thing for Patrick to do because, if this goes to trial, one of the first things a judge will ask Patrick is to justify his asking for millions in damages. A judge is going to want to see real and verifiable documentation as to how Patrick suffered four million dollars in damages, and there's no way Patrick will be able to show that, and then the judge is going to get pissed off with him. And that doesn't even BEGIN to take into account Patrick's long history of refusing to obey court orders.

Can you post the Statement of Claim and affidavits? That might be good reading.

Del Esau said...

I am surprised that he isn't asking for the four million to be paid in silver dollars.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how Patrick can claim financial damage, given that how pathetic his life is is entirely self-inflicted. He defamed you, you sued him, he didn't even bother defending, and he lost and was hit with $85,000 in judgment. None of that constitutes reasons to award him damages.

Later, he declared bankruptcy -- again, that was his choice, and the registrar found that he had clearly gone into bankruptcy for the sole reason of avoiding judgment. Again, no basis for damages there, all of that was Patrick's decision.

Finally, Patrick was given a really favorable conditional discharge order, and he fucked it up by not honoring his payment obligations. Yet again, totally his choice. All a judge is going to do is tell Patrick that he's totally responsible for the disaster that is his life, and no one else is to blame.

RossOwesDay said...

Twatsy's pathetlic life isn't even worth $4.00, let alone 4 mil. If this ridiculous filing ever makes it to court, it will surely get laughed out of the courtroom by the judge.

Purple library guy said...

Isn't he still not allowed to sue anybody without the permission of his nonexistent trustee, anyway?

MgS said...

Patrick's multi-million dollar compensation demands are laughable. In order to reach that level, he would have to demonstrate that the impugned statements (which, as I recall, amount to a handful of posts on Xitter) resulted in, or had a reasonable probability of resulting in, a significant loss of opportunity resulting from harm to his reputation.

I am beginning to wonder if he is now going to demand that it be heard "in the court of I, patrick ross". (not unlike a certain lawyer in BC)

CC said...

PLG: Yes, Patrick is convinced that he still has standing to sue given his sordid history and current situation. He, predictably, misinterprets the law.

Quelle surprise.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see Patrick not adhering to his treatment regiment for dissociative identity disorder. He was diagnosed during the first year at university and is why he never graduated. When you think you're better than your profs, learning becomes impossible.

When he does take his medication properly he does well. When he doesn't, well, his delusions of grandeur get the better of him. Things seem to really have fallen off the wheels after his mother died and now that his father is gone, there's no one attempting to get him back on track.

His parents tried their best to protect him from himself but failed at every turn. It's why they allowed him to live at home into his 40's, because he's never been able to make it on his own for more than a few months at a time.

Patrick is intelligent enough to be dangerous, too others.

double nickel said...

CC said...

Anon @ 4:54 PM: I am well aware of Patrick's history of mental illness, having been briefed on it by multiple sources, and a couple things stand out.

First, in the last several years of dealing with Patrick, I have indeed worked under the assumption that he is mentally ill, and that assumption has always worked out for me in that I never assume Patrick will do the logical or sensible or sane thing. Ever. And he never does. Whenever he does something indescribably stupid, he inevitably doubles down by doing something even stupider. It never fails.

And second, anyone who's ever dealt with Patrick knows how he always, always, always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. Or on the Intertoobz. He is the self-described bad-ass quintuple threat, and every interaction on Twitter ends with him simply dismissing anyone who disagrees with him as clearly a moron, followed by several laughing emojis as if he's just published something hysterically funny, and ending with hashtags of "#abpoli" or "#cdnpoli" as if he's just published something everyone needs to know.

I don't think it's going to get any better for Patrick since, given the recent passing of his father, and that the rest of his family pretty much despises him, I doubt there's anyone who cares enough about Patrick to try to help him or to look after him. I doubt he's capable of really looking after himself and, combined with his status of undischarged bankrupt who is massively in debt to me and being on the run from the OSB and the Saskatchewan sheriffs, I don't see this ending well for him.

I don't need to be in any rush to track him down; I think Patrick is going to fold under the increasing pressure of being all alone with no support system and numerous people looking for him to extract money from him. And that's not a fun lifestyle. In the meantime, what Patrick owes me is increasing by several hundred dollars a month, and when the reckoning comes (and it will come), I will own Patrick for the rest of his life. But I'm sure he's confident he has a way out of this. Because he's the smartest guy in the room.

RossOwesDay said...

If Patrick "Twatsy" Ross really has multiple identities, how come they're all bitter, delusional, alt-right, socially awkward losers?

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of the campus commies who wrote articles about the great life in Albania, who seemed to be writing this stuff and otherwise living a ridiculed life, just waiting for the soviet takeover when they would be made commissars for their demonstrated loyalty, and then would be able exact revenge on their enemies.

He just has to rag the puck until January 20, 2025. The Don has promised he will only be a dictator on day one, but he won't even last through the day as that. He will issue a New Declaration of Independence from the deep state and found the Trump American Empire with himself as the first Emperor. The 10,000 replacements for various government officials will be blanket sworn in, the liberal raids will begin, and the new military leadership will immediately implement the deal with the other dictatorships, Russia will grab Europe, China grabs Taiwan then Japan, and US grabs Canada and Greenland.

Then it is a matter of him demonstrating sufficient fealty to The Don and then being Pardoned from all his debts and judgements.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I note with great interest that the Rebel Caribbean "Ship of Fools" Cruise has quietly dumped Tamara Lich from their list of "speakers"; there is no replacement, and they are no longer promising "surprise guests".

That means that lucky cruisers are paying roughly twice the cost of this specific cruise, according to the Holland America website, in order to hear presentations from Ezra Levant, Sheila Gunn Reid, Dave Menzies, and the barely comprehensible Alexa Lavoie. That's it. That's all.

Holland America is trying to market itself heavily as an LGBT-friendly cruise line, trying to muscle in on the gay market now being courted by Virgin, Princess and Norwegian. It will be interesting when their gay cruisers suddenly become aware they're sharing a cruise with frothing, raving homophobes like Dave Menzies. Hmm...