Tuesday, March 13, 2018

At some point, everyone runs out of patience. And I just did.

In the beginning (back in 2010), there was my resounding victory over one Patrick "Twatsy" Ross, who fancied himself so clever that he did not even file a defense when I sued him for defamation, resulting in Patrick being found in default and my being awarded a whopping $85,000 in damages and costs for libel the judge described as "clearly malicious":

This was followed by two years of chasing Patrick around Alberta trying to enforce said judgment, until Patrick simply declared personal bankruptcy to escape the judgment. Unsurprisingly, I opposed his absolute discharge from bankruptcy, and the registrar saw things totally my way, describing Patrick's conduct as "reprehensible" and slapping him upside the head, requiring him to pay me $34,000 over 14 years:

Fast forward to February of 2014, wherein Patrick's bankruptcy trustee, fed up with Patrick simply not making his required court-ordered payments, files to discharge himself from Patrick's case:

at which point, Patrick is now officially an undischarged bankrupt without a trustee, which means ... well, I will let you read the closing snippet from this Saskatchewan ruling from 1996 which describes the consequences of your trustee giving up on you, closing your file and walking away:

which, if you haven't figured it out, brings us back to this (whose outstanding amount of $85,000 has been increasing by 2 per cent per annum):

Did I mention that I'm out of patience? Yeah, I think I mentioned that.

P.S. If you still don't understand the financial and legal shitstorm that comes from being an undischarged bankrupt whose trustee has run out of patience with your ongoing non-compliance and closed your file in disgust, there are lots of web sites that would be happy to explain it to you:

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