Saturday, March 10, 2018

Alise Mills: Hypocritical twatwaffle.

I totally missed vile bottom-dweller and putrid colostomy bag Alise Mills suggesting quite explicitly that I "threatened anyone who disagreed":

This is a fascinating accusation coming from a despicable piece of trash who had no problem getting in front of a Rebel Media cameraperson:

given the unseemly philosophy of so many Rebel Media commenters, whose pronouncements are still there to this day:

So here's a suggestion, Alise, darling ... shut the fuck up about me threatening anyone when you seem more than happy to hang out with the folks above. Can you do that, dear?

P.S. There is some serious entertainment value in simply searching Twitter for the name "Alise Mills." And this would be Alise, getting her ass handed to her by an incensed Jerry Agar of Newstalk 1010.

And there's this delicious thread.

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