Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey, Hunter ... suck it!

(Wag of the tail to -- who else? -- TBogg.)

AFTERSNARK: The depth of Hunter's jaw-dropping stupidity can be seen in her claim that lefties are/were somehow "scared" of Sarah Palin. I can assure you, based on my regular reading of American "lefty" blogs, that those lefties absolutely salivate over the idea of a Sarah Palin candidacy in 2012. Salivate. They can't possibly imagine anything more encouraging than Sarah Palin being the face of the GOP in 2012 and they are -- the lot of them -- quietly wanking off to the very thought of it.

Well, OK, that's probably more imagery than you really needed, but you see my point.

Palin in 2012!
Why not the stupidest?


chris said...

CNN keps putting Sarah Palin on the teevee this morning.
Why, if she's irrelevant?
She saya she wants "to progress America."

Mike said...

Good job of using an intelligent conservative's words to refute the blather from an idiot conservative. I recently did the same thing in response to a Sun columnist's dishonest work.

Pearce said...

Reading hunter is like having a slow motion stroke.

LuLu said...

Sweet tap-dancing Christ -- no more Hunter, CC! Please? Pretty please?

P fucking S. In case you're wondering, this girl has just the tiniest bit of a hangover and this, coupled with my morning meetings, is making my brain bleed ...

sooey said...

You shouldn't drink too much and then you won't get a hangover, Lulu.

Don't thank me for that tip. Thank the Lord for that hangover reminding you that your time spent drinking and having fun might better have been spent doing the Lord's work.