Sunday, November 09, 2008

Document the dumbassitude, Sunday morning Blogging Tory edition.

Um ... OK:

Do the Left not understand that the majority of Californians want to keep the definition of marriage as it has been since the beginning of time?

Take it away, folks.

BONUS TRACK: If you're about to gouge out your eyes with a soup spoon after reading that link, hie thee over to Sadly, No for an antidote to the burning stupid.

UH OH ... this should get entertaining. Welcome, Pharynguloids. Yeah, Canadians really can be that moronic. Socialized medicine might be cool, but it can't cure the stoopid.

EXTRA WINGNUTTERY AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: I am amused that "Conservative Minded," who accuses the Left of being hateful bigots, has on his blogroll both Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Irony is officially dead, isn't it?


SUIRAUQA said...

At least, in the comments, there are some eminently sane people... (except for the Anon person, who surprisingly (NOT!) sounds like the blogger, Bieb, himself/herself)

sooey said...

Beginning of time, eh... Don't fish live in schools, though?

s said...

Gay marriage is so passe...we need to work on making inter-family marriage legal. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughter, brothers and sisters. Then we can work on gay inter-family marriage: fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, etc. After al, none of these affect ME personally...

tim said...

Do these religious nitwits not read their own propaganda? Noah had two wives (sisters I think) plus two concubines. King David had many wives and many concubines and then there was the whole gay thing with Jonathan.
Traditional marriage? Whose tradition, anyway? The polyandry of the Nayars or the Todas? The polygamy of the Mormons? The 'women are property' of so many religions?

Bah. A plague on all their houses.

Cameron Campbell said...

How many times does that whole "forced to renounce his faith" thing have to get repudiated before it sinks in?

wv= "chess"

Dr.Dawg said...

Good Christ, what a beat-down in progress over there.

What's all this insider "wv" stuff, by the way? Is there a secret handshake that goes with it?

Cameron Campbell said...

wv = word verification.

People have noticed that the word verification has taken an odd turn where what used to be gibberish has started to either be real words or gibberish that seems to have meaning.

wv: oxyter

CC said...

Dr. Dawg writes:

"Good Christ, what a beat-down in progress over there."

Yes, there is, and what will make it even more amusing is that we're going to check back there in a day or two to see if CM is capable of learning anything, or if he will insist on remaining as breathtakingly ignorant as he is now.

Given that he's a Blogging Tory, I'm sure you can guess where I'll be placing my bets.

Dr.Dawg said...

I think the word verification folks have done something very sensible: instead of a jumble of letters that you have to keep going back to to get it right, there are now meaningful phonemes in there--easier to remember and type in the first time.