Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Saga of Patrick Ross -- Part the Fifth

While some people are apparently tugging on their thongs to get to the Twatsilicious denouement of this epic saga of dumbassitude, I will tell this story in my own time, in my own way, in my own clothes. Live with it, kids. And ... onward.

From back in Part 4 of the Twatsy Chronicles, you might remember the jaw-dropping, magical reappearance of Patrick, the Wonder Doofus, who -- after having been utterly incognito for over three months after my whopping $85,000 judgment against him for malicious defamation -- burst back onto the scene with a sad story of victimhood and, well, idiocy. At this point, despite the clear and unambiguous directions of the judgment, Patrick had neither:

  • paid me a cent in judgment, nor

  • taken down a single bit of all of that defamation.

As you can read, Patrick (probably unintentionally) admits he's known about the judgment since the beginning, but weirdly thinks having ignored it this whole time will work in his favour. He is about to learn a very ugly lesson.

Continuing on in Patrick's groundbreaking blog post:

OK, then, let's refresh, shall we?

Once you're found in default and judgment is granted, your only option is to file to have the judgment overturned, which does nothing but let you back in the game and allows you to present your side in the eventual court case. And you already know what the requirements are for that. And you already know that Patrick has already blown a hole in that possibility with his idiotic admission that he's known about (and ignored) the judgment all this time.. But you should know one more thing.

As explained by my inestimable Ottawa lawyer, if you're from out of province, you cannot file such a request remotely. For Patrick Ross to try that, either he or an Ontario lawyer must appear personally at the Ottawa courthouse. He has no other option.

So, in fact, whatever was in those documents, sending them electronically was a total waste of time as they would be rejected. And they were. This would, once again, be Patrick Ross trying to act as his own lawyer, and trying to save money, and pooching it entirely. But, hard to believe as it might be, it gets so much funnier:

So here's the problem. Once again, I draw your attention to Patrick Ross' only option, which is to file to overturn the judgment. Instead, he now makes sinister bleating noises about suing someone for "malicious prosecution." And if you're a lawyer, you probably just wet yourself. Because you can sue for malicious prosecution only if you were involved in a legal action, and you won. With no competent legal counsel, Patrick Ross is reduced to dragging possible (and nonsensical) legal actions out of his fevered and crippled intellect, then threatening unnamed parties with idiotic lawsuits.

And then it gets stupider:

And if you don't appreciate the incapacitating idiocy in that paragraph, let me explain it to you. Weirdly, Patrick Ross seems to believe that, well, I had my shot, and presented my case, and got my judgment, and good for me. And now he seems to think it's his turn where, after laying low for a few months, hatching his cunning plan, he gets his shot in front of the judge. He clearly has no concept that the case is over. Done. Finito. And he lost. And he's trivially destroyed the only real opportunity he had to salvage the situation. And yet ... and yet ... here's Patrick Ross, apparently with a plan so cunning, you could pin a tail on it and call it a "weasel." Good luck with that.

And then it gets stupider, so let's just dump the rest of Patrick's post out there for your edification:

Yes, that would be Patrick, putting lipstick on that pig of a post by:

  • playing the victim,

  • begging for money,

  • hilariously throwing around the characterization of "bully" to describe others, and

  • most bizarre of all, continuing to defame me by describing me as "malicious"

That's just adorable.

And then it gets stupider.

To be continued ... Part Six

P.S. I'm curious as to how Patrick Ross justified asking for donations to defend against "this malicious prosecution" without letting readers know that the case was over, and he'd lost. That strikes me as just a wee bit disingenuous.

ADDENDUM: It's worth pointing out that, for this entire time, Patrick Ross did nothing to minimize damages. Even before the Notice of Libel, relatively sane people were cautioning him that what he was writing wasn't just talking smack or boys being boys. No, they were pointing out that it was clearly libelous, but Patrick played the legal genius and pompously lectured everyone on how he understood the Criminal Code of Canada and he was perfectly safe.

After he was served with the Notice of Libel, Patrick mocked it.

After he was served with the Statement of Claim, Patrick ignored it and claimed he hadn't received it.

After he was charitably given an extension, Patrick blew it off and (apparently) waited until the very last day to file a defense that, by his own admission, was crap.

And, finally, after the judgment, Patrick made no effort whatsoever to abide by any of its legally-required directives.

And after months of that sort of boneheaded stupidity, Patrick Ross has the gall to show up again and paint himself as the hapless victim at the mercy of the big, bad CC bully. Yeah, that didn't work out too well, did it?

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