Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Saga of Patrick Ross -- Part the Fourth

To truly appreciate what you're about to read here, you need to refresh from Part 3, at which point you need to totally, absolutely and intuitively understand the following MASSIVELY incompatible observations.

On the one hand, there is absolutely no doubt that fugitive defendant Patrick Ross knew, since November 23 of 2010, that he was the victim of a whopping big ($85,000 plus interest) default judgment for malicious defamation of your humble scribe, from which he spent the next three months dodging and weaving, despite being well aware we were hunting for him. Got that? Make sure you have that.

On the other hand (and here's the kicker), given that it was a default judgment, Patrick Ross' only hope was to file to overturn the judgment, for which I have already explained that the following two things have to be true:

  • He must have a compelling excuse for not responding to the deadline for filing a defense, and

  • After learning of the judgment, he must apply to have it overturned as speedily as practically possible.

I think you see Patrick's fundamental problem -- while running and hiding lets him (for the time being) escape financial accountability, it simply digs him deeper and deeper into the hole he's dug for himself in terms of ever being able to overturn the judgment. You can either keep running, or you can man up and try to fight the judgment. You can't do both. Are we clear on that? You have to be clear on that because it's the foundation for the jaw-dropping dumbassitude that's about to follow.

Now let's set the stage: From November of 2010 until late March of 2011, Patrick Ross was nowhere to be found. He didn't respond to phone calls, he didn't reply to e-mails, his blog had gone suspiciously dark due to an almost total lack of activity. In short, Patrick Ross had dropped off the radar screen almost completely, despite the fact that he knew full well we were looking for him, and why.

And then, out of nowhere, comes Patrick Ross' blog post of March 30, 2011, a post at Patrick's now defunct "Nexus of Assholery" blog that is so thigh-suckingly bizarre and detached from reality that I am going to post it as a series of screenshots because, if I simply reproduced the text, you'd *swear* I was making it up to make him look retarded.

Ready? And ... begin.

I'll wait while you pick your jaw up off the barroom floor.

It would be hard to properly mock the screeching stupidity of that opening. In the space of three short paragraphs, Patrick Ross openly admits that he's known about the judgment against him for quite some time. Bye bye, rationale for overturning default judgment. If there's a dumber and more self-destructive thing that Patrick could have written after being on the lam for over three months, I can't imagine what it could be. But patience ... we're just getting started. And it gets so much stupider.

Note how Patrick seems to dismiss his $85,000 legal debt to me as "a default judgement." Well, yes, it is, but where is Patrick going with this, and why does he think that's important? Behold:

Huh. Now isn't that something? According to Patrick, he did file a statement of defense. Sadly, because he chose to do this without the advice of someone competent who actually knew how to do it, he almost certainly tried to file a piece of utter crap that was properly rejected by the legal system, which kind of has really strict rules for what they're willing to read. But wait ... there's more hilarity.

Patrick's alleged filing date of Sept 15, 2010 was, in fact, the absolute drop-dead deadline we'd given him in that extension. In other words, having been given over three months to get something done, Patrick waited until the last possible day, then submitted something that was obviously garbage and was thrown back at him.

And then it gets stupider, as we move to the very next paragraph:

As God is my witness, I have no idea how to properly make fun of this. This would be Patrick, now boasting as to how frantically avoiding what he admits is a default judgment he's known about for quite some time is somehow magically going to work out in his favour. Truly, Patrick's is a dizzying intellect, and one can't wait to see how this is going to work out. Given Patrick's obvious incompetence, one suspects, not well.

Oh, dear ...

Weirdly, Patrick seems to believe that something I did after the judgment was handed down has some incredible and devastating legal value to whatever bizarre and tricky strategy he has up his sleeve. Apparently, Patrick is unaware that, um, this case is over. And he lost. But Patrick is not one to let reality interrupt the voices in his head, as he continues:

Wait ... what??? "... as I have waited patiently to have documentation of the judgement served on me, ..."

This is, of course, the same Patrick Ross who's known about the judgment for over three months, the judgment he's been hiding from and which he could have obtained a copy of with a single phone call or e-mail anytime he wanted. But having dodged service for three months, Patrick suddenly reappears and plays the victim card. I told you that if I didn't reproduce the screen shots, you wouldn't have believed it.

And while we're only halfway through that magnificent post of Patrick's, you know what's coming. Yes, you do.

To be continued ... Part Five

PATIENCE, CHILDREN: I put up with Patrick Ross' abuse for three years. You can wait a couple days for the whole story. Think of it as foreplay.

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